Jimmy Electrons at July 08, 2020 at 6:30am PDT

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Idea: Low income

evan hayes at June 29, 2020 at 11:12pm PDT

The city needs to fund or sanction spaces for alternative housing for low-income folks. This is an idea brought to you by Bakery in asheville

Yvonne Johnson 18 days ago

I do not support more taxes. I suggest a 10% city wide budget cut starting with the city manager. Additionally, employees need to start paying their own retirement, and the city needs to fund their liabilities.

James Jr 18 days ago

I oppose item 4.4b.

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Robert Beaver about 1 month ago

all I see is the destruction of our roads. They never seem yo gety fixed.

Charles Bukowski about 1 month ago

I oppose any tax increase for the City of Chico, and state of California. There was an over 55 Billion dollar surplus in the state of California. 3 years ago it was 19 Billion dollars. Two years ago it was 20 Billion dollars. One year ago it was 21 Billion dollars..Where did it go? Ask the state to fund any taxes for the City of Chico. Otherwise you will squander it on the homeless and illegal aliens.

Before the COVID crisis this county had a poverty rate of 21%. You can bet it's much higher now.

Yet amazingly the city council is seriously considering spending eighty thousand of our tax dollars for election costs plus tens of thousands more on a PR firm in order to pursue a sales tax increase that will cost a family of four an additional $800 in sales tax every year!

And for what? A futile attempt to maintain unfunded liabilities that have spiralled out of control and are destroying city finance.

Sales taxes are regressive and hurt the poor and working classes the most. So if the so-called progressives on this council who claim to care so much for poor and working people go through with this they will be exposed as hypocrites, frauds and tools of special interests.

And Chico's infrastructure was falling apart long before COVID and the Camp Fire. For many, many years this city council and prior councils have been diverting tens of millions of dollars that should have gone for the roads and other necessities to ridiculous employee compensation, especially pension and other post-employment benefits that are completely unaffordable and unsustainable.

Trying to maintain this unconscionable status quo of excessive compensation, especially multi-million dollar pensions and other post-employment benefits for city bureaucrats and other city employees, on the backs of poor and working people is shameful.

Their sales tax increase won’t solve the unfunded liability problem so what will they do? Use the money from the sales tax increase to get us hundreds of millions more in debt! AND THEY WON'T TELL THE VOTERS THAT BEFORE AND DURING THE ELECTION! They have never mentioned it before.

Neither did EMC, the propaganda firm they hired to con the voters into raising the sales tax with their sham survey. Why didn't EMC ask the people they polled if they would approve the use of their sales tax money to take on more debt?

Before the election will they inform the public that money from the sales tax increase will be used to take on more debt? If they don't mention it, it shows just how immoral they are.

Saddling the poor and everyone else with higher taxes and more debt in a futile attempt to maintain an unfair and unsustainable status quo is immoral, particularly the debt they will be putting on the kids! Taking on more debt while the city is drowning in unfunded liabilities is the height of irresponsibility.

Instead they should reform the unfunded liabilities but as tools of special interests that’s the last thing they will do. We MUST defeat their sales tax increase.

Dear Council Members, I understand the guidelines recommended by the CDC regarding unhoused individuals and the need to not disperse them. However, that does not mean these encampments should be allowed anywhere in the city. They are absolutely filthy and should never be allowed near our waterways. There must be defined areas where this is allowed. Where it can be easily managed, cleaned up (at taxpayer expense)and outreach conducted. Irreparable damage to our public spaces is already done. It is your responsibility to not only care for our most vulnerable, but also to protect our public spaces AND hold people accountable. It is disgraceful the way some of you totally discounted our Chief of Police and his officers who put their lives on the line every single day. Please be very specific about managing these encampments. Your last vote lacks direction, common sense and decency for all of Chico. Ginny Griffin

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Claudette Ritter 4 months ago

New Mayor that cares and listens please. Sean Morgan yes