"The current training regime for police officers fails to effectively teach them how to interact with our communities in a way that protects and preserves life. For example, police recruits spend 58 hours learning how to shoot firearms and only 8 hours learning how to de-escalate situations. An intensive training regime is needed to help police officers learn the behaviors and skills to interact appropriately with communities. POLICY SOLUTIONS Invest in Rigorous and Sustained Training Require officers to undergo training - including scenario-based training - on the following topics on at least a quarterly basis and involve the community - including youth of color - in their design and implementation:

Implicit bias Procedural justice Relationship-based policing Community interaction Crisis intervention, mediation, conflict resolution, and rumor control Appropriate engagement with youth Appropriate engagement with LGBTQ, transgender and gender nonconforming individuals Appropriate engagement with individuals who are english language learners Appropriate engagement with individuals from different religious affiliations Appropriate engagement with individuals who are differently abled De-escalation and minimizing the use of force

Intentionally consider 'unconscious' or 'implicit' racial bias

Require current and prospective police officers to undergo mandatory implicit racial bias testing, including testing for bias in shoot/don't shoot decision-making, and develop a clear policy for considering an officer's level of racial bias in:

law enforcement certification the hiring process performance evaluations decisions about whether an officer should be deployed to communities of color" Here's 15 things a city can do right now to curb police brutality:

Charles Bukowski at June 01, 2020 at 9:14am PDT

I oppose any tax increase for the City of Chico, and state of California. There was an over 55 Billion dollar surplus in the state of California. 3 years ago it was 19 Billion dollars. Two years ago it was 20 Billion dollars. One year ago it was 21 Billion dollars..Where did it go? Ask the state to fund any taxes for the City of Chico. Otherwise you will squander it on the homeless and illegal aliens.

Before the COVID crisis this county had a poverty rate of 21%. You can bet it's much higher now.

Yet amazingly the city council is seriously considering spending eighty thousand of our tax dollars for election costs plus tens of thousands more on a PR firm in order to pursue a sales tax increase that will cost a family of four an additional $800 in sales tax every year!

And for what? A futile attempt to maintain unfunded liabilities that have spiralled out of control and are destroying city finance.

Sales taxes are regressive and hurt the poor and working classes the most. So if the so-called progressives on this council who claim to care so much for poor and working people go through with this they will be exposed as hypocrites, frauds and tools of special interests.

And Chico's infrastructure was falling apart long before COVID and the Camp Fire. For many, many years this city council and prior councils have been diverting tens of millions of dollars that should have gone for the roads and other necessities to ridiculous employee compensation, especially pension and other post-employment benefits that are completely unaffordable and unsustainable.

Trying to maintain this unconscionable status quo of excessive compensation, especially multi-million dollar pensions and other post-employment benefits for city bureaucrats and other city employees, on the backs of poor and working people is shameful.

Their sales tax increase won’t solve the unfunded liability problem so what will they do? Use the money from the sales tax increase to get us hundreds of millions more in debt! AND THEY WON'T TELL THE VOTERS THAT BEFORE AND DURING THE ELECTION! They have never mentioned it before.

Neither did EMC, the propaganda firm they hired to con the voters into raising the sales tax with their sham survey. Why didn't EMC ask the people they polled if they would approve the use of their sales tax money to take on more debt?

Before the election will they inform the public that money from the sales tax increase will be used to take on more debt? If they don't mention it, it shows just how immoral they are.

Saddling the poor and everyone else with higher taxes and more debt in a futile attempt to maintain an unfair and unsustainable status quo is immoral, particularly the debt they will be putting on the kids! Taking on more debt while the city is drowning in unfunded liabilities is the height of irresponsibility.

Instead they should reform the unfunded liabilities but as tools of special interests that’s the last thing they will do. We MUST defeat their sales tax increase.

Whether you are currently pursuing a computer science degree, a veteran using the GI Bill to choose your next mission, an aspiring self-taught developer, or a student at coding training camp, mastering the craft of programming is a lifelong struggle. To help you learn - courtesy of the Coding Dojo instructors - here are seven tips for learning to program faster.

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Dear Council Members, I understand the guidelines recommended by the CDC regarding unhoused individuals and the need to not disperse them. However, that does not mean these encampments should be allowed anywhere in the city. They are absolutely filthy and should never be allowed near our waterways. There must be defined areas where this is allowed. Where it can be easily managed, cleaned up (at taxpayer expense)and outreach conducted. Irreparable damage to our public spaces is already done. It is your responsibility to not only care for our most vulnerable, but also to protect our public spaces AND hold people accountable. It is disgraceful the way some of you totally discounted our Chief of Police and his officers who put their lives on the line every single day. Please be very specific about managing these encampments. Your last vote lacks direction, common sense and decency for all of Chico. Ginny Griffin

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Claudette Ritter 2 months ago

New Mayor that cares and listens please. Sean Morgan yes

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Citing city budget policy, staff claims "unanticipated revenues"  are "dedicated to long-term liabilities and replenishing reserve and internal service funds to established targets. "  How could they have not anticipated these revenues, having acknowledged other effects of the sudden population influx? And since the city has admitted to deferring street maintenance for years because of a shortage of funds, shouldn't they replenish the street fund?

Staff instead suggests uses for these funds that are not covered by the above policy:  $1,405,000 to guarantee airline service,  $350,000 toward the city's Community Choice Aggregation scheme, $100,000 to remove the BMX track from the fairgrounds to accommodate homeless services, $30,000 for questionable district maps, $250,000 for a "remodel" of Fire Station 1, and $515,000 for the "Homeless Solutions Project". 

Putting $400,000 toward the long-term pension liability may fit policy, but I find it questionable - staff already transfers millions a year into that fund from other funds that remain in the red.

There has to be reasonable expectations, for all citizens to follow, that promote socially acceptable behaviors and maintain a healthy, safe, community, that everyone can enjoy and feel connected too. When we expect more, we get more. No more enabling bad behavior. Most of us cant even enjoy our downtown or parks due to safety issues and we are attracting unwanted, locally nomadic, criminal transients with our easy going attitudes towards impulsive, lewd, aggressive and invasive behaviors. No on the amendment. No more catering to individuals that do not want to follow the universal social norms of no loitering, no public intoxication, no illegal camping, no defecating in public spaces, no using illegal substances. Lets have expectations again.

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I am against the amendment of Ordinance 2466! Sincerely, Roy Skinner

"The City of Chico welcomes community efforts to help make Chico Beautiful, Clean, and Safe. " “Beautiful, Clean, Safe.” these are the three words that our city claims to promote. By amending the ordinance 2466 the city of Chico is promoting, the opposite. Unattractiveness, Dirty, Unsafe. I agree with Citizens for a Safe Chico “If this ordinance is amended the way Brown wishes, Chico will become a tent city with safe injection sites, needles will be found ten-fold compared to now and chaos will follow. Law enforcement will have no tools remaining to stop the camping and littering under bridges, near waterways, the city plaza, basically anywhere” I do NOT want to see our city DEGRADE anymore. In our city we are already seeing littering, people are camping under bridges and near waterways. This is not sanitary nor is it environmentally friendly. We do NOT want to amend ordinance 2466. Please keep Chico Beautiful, Clean, and Safe.