It won't resolve the issue, but it could create a snowball effect that could give California the consumers and labor force we need. It's been proposed and enacted elsewhere. No cannabis drug test, no interview, just sign up and work for pay at the end of a shift. A hot meal means the world to a homeless person and people want to work. If they don't want to work, that's a mental health issue guaranteed. A common symptom of anhedonia is lack of desire to do anything, let alone work. Anhedonia is experienced by people with severe depression. Perhaps a requirement for the program is to participate in mental health services provided by behavioral health and maybe a bus pass so they can attend groups and counseling.

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Helen Harberts 3 months ago

I am not certain why you would focus on cannabis testing. However there is recent research that states that one day of work per week assists with mental health overall. Just one day. There are other communities which engage homeless persons in such a manner. A day of clean up with a meal, and a day of pay. Honest work, honest pay. Part of the time can be spent on engagement and getting folks to consider treatment.