Yvonne Johnson 18 days ago

I do not support more taxes. I suggest a 10% city wide budget cut starting with the city manager. Additionally, employees need to start paying their own retirement, and the city needs to fund their liabilities.

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Dave Howell 16 days ago

Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to matter if the "conservatives" or the "liberals" are in charge. All of them want to take more of our money. In this week's meeting all of them except Stone wanted to raise the sales tax. The only reason they didn't go forward with it was that they couldn't agree how to fleece us.

But I guarantee you they will try again. I’d be shocked if we didn’t have a sales tax increase on the 2022 ballot or they may even call a special election before then.

They represent the special interests which is why they won’t give up trying to take ever more of our money and getting the city deeper in debt, so we must never give up fighting them.

They don’t represent us and never will. And we must never forget that.