Homeless housing, 24-hr restrooms, addiction support & mental health services and job opportunities would improve so many elements of this area. The housing first model has shown caring for the homeless is less expensive than the traditional model we follow, that obviously doesn't work.

The streets and community will be safer and more enjoyable for the rest of us when we compassionately treat our homeless- so we don't have to step over fecal matter in the street, and they don't smell like piss, and we don't have to worry that the mentally ill person is going to attack us because they have mistaken us for someone else. The economy of Chico will improve to as people feel more comfortable to be out and about enjoying their community, rather than hiding in their homes ordering from Amazon.

Treating the homeless right helps all of us.

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A B 25 days ago

The annual budget of Butte County Mental Health is over $70 MILLION. Per YEAR. Before the City of Chico creates additional spending burdens for itself, a thorough audit of the BCMH budget should be completed, and the efficacy of current BCMH programs should be evaluated, looking for opportunities to better utilize over $70,000,000 per year to address the problems that create the visible problems you describe.