To the Mayor and City Council of Chico:

The Mission Statement on item 2.2 states;

"The partnership would be formed with the intent and resources to provide a sustainable combination of agencies/non- profits/businesses to address the needs of the mentally ill, homeless, and addicted populations of Butte Country."

The Elijah House has been working on a collaborative effort to address these issues for the last couple of years in partnership with The Jesus Center and various other organizations. At this point and time, our plans have turned into action, and we feel as though our organization should be at the table for these discussion, along side the Jesus Center, as we have invested not only time, but money and resources, in developing this very idea over the last 2 years. The Elijah House, in conjunction with our partnership with Sierra Health and Wellness currently operates multiple residential treatment centers, transitional housing units, a transitional employment program and an emergency homeless shelter, with the ability to provide wrap around services to all of our clients.

It is our understanding the Laura Cootsona, Jesus Center, will be speaking on this agenda item tonight, and can shed some more light on this subject so that you can fully understand the how a separate venture of this nature would significantly impact our project and our organizations.


John Mitchell Director of Nonprofit Services-Elijah House Foundation 530-812-4517

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