Due to the COVID19 pandemic shutdowns our locally loved restaurants are struggling to stay afloat. With limited outdoor seating many restaurants are losing their businesses in this crisis.

Other downtown cities in California like Folsom are allowing local restaurants to put up fencing and tents in the parking spaces directly in front of their business for patio seating, allowing sit down restaurants to maintain the dine in appeal as an additional option to takeout.

Please help to keep our local small businesses open Chico!!

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Juanita Sumner 8 months ago

Outdoor dining in 90+ heat with flies and garbage and human waste on the streets has not panned out. Downtown will die soon if restaurants are not allowed indoor dining. I've seen Downtown dead, it took years to restore it to pre-COVID vitality, but between the city's policies giving transients more rights than citizens, and now the shut down, it's dying again. The whole town follows suit. This council will be remembered for this disaster.