Financial education is very important nowadays. Now we are witnessing a consumer boom, which leads to an increase in the number of loans, mortgages. For example, US household total debt for the fourth quarter of 2018 increased by $32 billion and reached a record high of $13.54 trillion, according to statistics released by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York's Microeconomic Data Center. Now it’s important to start educating the younger generation from school on how to save money, rather than spend it. After all, if the consumerism trend continues, then all this will lead to a financial collapse in the world. If we look at the query history of the search engine, we will see that there are more requests pokie machine secrets or how to make money quickly than how you can open a deposit or how to quickly increase your contribution. Therefore, now we must begin to educate our children in financial literacy. I wish you all financial success and prosperity)

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Same idea I proposed 20 years ago. Bring back the trolley (historic cars). Build massive anchor parking lots at either end, and run it down the Esplanade, down First, curve along campus, and down Salem, cross through to Park, and build a large conference center there, continue down to the 20th Street corridor. That supports Enloe, downtown, the college, and brings tourism dollars which are cleaner than many dollars. It builds and brings infrastructure and would help bolster the Park Avenue Corridor. I would drop the convention center in the four block campus near the old Junk store and old FairView campus was, near the old Taylors. You would then revitalize large areas of town, and address traffic and parking while building back into our history.

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Vincent Vega about 1 year ago

It won't resolve the issue, but it could create a snowball effect that could give California the consumers and labor force we need. It's been proposed and enacted elsewhere. No cannabis drug test, no interview, just sign up and work for pay at the end of a shift. A hot meal means the world to a homeless person and people want to work. If they don't want to work, that's a mental health issue guaranteed. A common symptom of anhedonia is lack of desire to do anything, let alone work. Anhedonia is experienced by people with severe depression. Perhaps a requirement for the program is to participate in mental health services provided by behavioral health and maybe a bus pass so they can attend groups and counseling.

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