Meeting Time: February 18, 2020 at 6:00pm PST
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Agenda Item

5.1. At its meeting of 2/4/20, the Council voted to agendize a request from Mayor Stone and Vice Mayor Brown to hold a discussion to rescind the Sit & Lie Ordinance and to amend the Offenses Against Public Property Ordinance.

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    Aaron Briand 7 months ago

    I find it interesting that few (if any) sit/lie proponents involve themselves in efforts to provide affordable public housing solutions for the area, or to institute meaningful mental health service reforms (things that might actually ameliorate the homeless crisis). I think one could be forgiven for concluding that the Chico business "community" merely values their ability to generate profit above the basic right of citizens to sit down & rest.

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    Desiree Wilson 7 months ago

    Zero reason to reverse this! Officers can offer services to those in need when in contact. This only endangers business owners, employees, customers. Who do you care about keeping safe? You reverse this you better be there to remove vomit, feces,blood, needles from all business doorways,and get the angry transient to move so people can do business there!Why would you purposely try to harm your local economy?Businesses are already closing due to transients costly damages,harmful assaults. Enough!

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    m eliza dyer 7 months ago

    This ordinance is ineffective at best and unconstitutional at worst. Dispersing those without homes throughout Chico and into neighborhoods will not solve any problems for any side of this issue. If someone is cited, it deepens the cycle of poverty for them and works against any idea of people "reintegrating into society" that proponents of the ordinance talk about. I strongly support Chico moving forward without this discriminatory ordinance on the books.

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    Jennifer Doerr 7 months ago

    This ordinance has been a valuable tool, as stated by those who benefit from it’s regular use- Chico PD and local businesses. Please do not restrict their ability to keep our town and it’s people safe. Please to not let those who would benefit from its removal make a mockery of our local government and threaten the once thriving city of Chico.

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    Lauren Breedlove 7 months ago

    Sit & Lie needs to stay in effect.

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    Raphael DiGenova 7 months ago

    If prosecutions for the ordinance dont happen, it still gives police the ok to detain and harass people for exercising their basic rights. Its a waste of resource over endangering and harassing some of the most vulnerable people in our community. The ordinance is used to target the social class of the unhoused. If it wasnt then my outrage would be that I know I have a basic and very constitutionally protected right to sit down. Get rid of Sit Lie forever.

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    Jason Krueger 7 months ago

    The Sit & Lie Ordinance in Chico needs to be upheld! Business owners and their patrons should not have to suffer because of people choosing to camp and sleep in doorways and on sidewalks. This isn't safe for anyone!

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    Carrie Krueger 7 months ago

    I oppose Stone & Brown’s attempt to rescind our Sit-Lie Ordinance!

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    Michelle Love 7 months ago

    Keep Chico's Sit & Lie Ordinance. This is not a homeless issue, it is a safety issue! This ordinance is an important tool for police officers, used to redirect behaviors that infringe upon the rights of members of our community. Arrests or citations are not being made based upon this ordinance. It is both unsafe and wrong for any person to block the entrance to a business or block access to a city sidewalk. There are plenty of public spaces in Chico where any person is welcome to sit or rest.

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    Jennifer Morris 7 months ago

    I oppose the removal of the sit and lie ordinance because I believe it is a tool for our Police Department and the business community. I have individuals sleeping in front of my office door that prevents me from working and have had to use the non emergency services to ask them to move because they were not responsive to my requests. I have seen the interactions with the individuals and the police department as a way to inform them of available services to assist them and not criminalize them.

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    Daniel L 7 months ago

    Repeal them and toss them on the garbageheap of bad ideas. This ordinance is cruel, inefficient, and makes our town an uglier place.

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    Clark Gardner 7 months ago

    The Chief of Police said it himself at the February 4th Council Meeting. The Sit & Lie Ordinance and Offenses Against Public Property Ordinance are useful tools. Do not take these tools out of our police officers hands until you have a better/alternative solution for them!

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    Guillermo Mash 7 months ago

    I interviewed Jason Allen, a former Chico Downtown Ambassador from Nov-2017 through Jan-2020 for a special Without a Roof radio segment airing on KZFR 90.1 FM, Friday the 21st at 11:30am.

    Jason Allen: The Sit/Lie ordinance is not at all needed. It's usually the same four or five people and it's not this widespread issue that people are making it out to be, at all. I agree with Jason on all points and support rescinding this local ordinance.

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    Joe Steffy 7 months ago

    Downtown businesses need to be able to open their doors to operate. They can't do this with someone sleeping in the doorway refusing to move.

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    Jessica Haggard 7 months ago

    Keep Sit and lie in place!!!! Save sit in lie!!!!

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    Josh James 7 months ago

    Please do not rescind the Sit & Lie ordinance. There are already too many people camped out around Downtown Chico and the repeal of this ordinance will only make it worse. Downtown used to be a hallmark of Chico and now it is generally a place to be avoided whenever possible. This repeal will only further hurt the suffering businesses downtown and goes against Chico's mission of being "an ideal location for business". Please make downtown pleasant again.

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    Nichole Nava 7 months ago

    I oppose Stone & Brown’s attempt to rescind our Sit-Lie Ordinance & to amend the Property Ordinance! Both laws are tools to allow LEOs to interact & refer people to necessary services. It allows business owners to contact police if they are unsuccessful in asking people to clear business doorways & sidewalks that are being blocked. This is a move to erode the rights of all citizens, but allow a small group of individuals to block doors & sidewalks. This creates an ADA liability for the city.

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    Lisa Russell 7 months ago

    Do not rescind the Sit and Lie Ordinance. I believe this is a useful tool for law enforcement to lawfully engage with persons in violation. There has not been any citations issued for someone breaking this ordinance, however there has been many persons who have been questioned who have warrants and are wanted for other offenses. This is a safety issue, not a homeless issue. Please keep our City, our families and our business safe and do NOT rescind the Sit and Lie Ordinance.

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    Anthony Watts 7 months ago

    While on the surface this seems like a good idea, the end result is that it harms the community. NVHRC said in a ChicoER article yesterday that they follow "best practices" of medical advice and consensus with this program. Completely irrelevant.

    Needles get in the hands of addicts; there are no "best practices". Careless addicts toss them everywhere, for people to find or to be injured by. We are trading the "welfare" of a few druggies for putting the larger community at risk. Unacceptable.

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    Robin Indar 7 months ago

    Please rescind the Sit/Lie Ordinance. It is classist and only serves to give extra power for law enforcement to harass the poor for simply existing in the public space. There are already laws that make it illegal to block doorways. Sit/Lie is extraneous and cruel.