Meeting Time: February 18, 2020 at 6:00pm PST
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Agenda Item

5.2. At its meeting of 2/4/20, the Council voted to agendize a request from Councilmember Ory to hold a discussion to consider the Residential Energy Conservation Ordinance for Substantial Remodels.

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    Clark Gardner 7 months ago

    I think I am losing my mind. I hear the desire for affordable housing out of one side of council member(s) mouth. And I hear add additional costs to housing out of the other.
    What if a couple wants to remodel their home; making an additional bedroom and bath for their adult child who is homeless living on the streets? They will have to spend additional money updating their remodel to Residential Energy Conservation Ordinance. More hindrance and red tape to "affordable housing"!

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    Patricia Wang 7 months ago

    If we want affordable housing, we need to make building houses affordable.

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    Michele Burton 7 months ago

    Too costly for both the city to enforce and homeowners to incur. Too much government intervention. Last year the City was encouraging additional building on homeowner properties (with lax rules) to accommodate fire victims. A year later, the City wants to add more ordinances to make remodels more difficult. The cost of remodels go up, the resale value goes up. Karl Ory is all about affordable housing. This will not help.

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    Brandon Slater 7 months ago

    California already has the most energy efficient building codes in the world. we don't need to add to it.

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    Kate Leyden 7 months ago

    New building codes are in effect, this information is outdated.
    Homeowners don’t need Chico to tell them what they should do when they are remodeling their private property with their own money.
    Ordinances like this require extra enforcement by building department staff. This leads to extra cost, extra delay, and likely more remodels being done outside the permit process.
    This is not what the City of Chico should be focusing on.

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    Rodney Winkle 7 months ago

    I oppose this this ordinance. The cost of home building and remodeling in Chico is already too high. There are enough building codes in place to produce energy conservation already. Most home owners who do substantial remodels consider energy conservation without the forced interference due to additional local regulation.