Meeting Time: April 07, 2020 at 6:00pm PDT
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Agenda Item

3. BUSINESS FROM THE FLOOR - Members of the public may address the Council at this time on any matter not already listed on the agenda, with comments being limited to three minutes or as determined by the Mayor based on the number of speakers. The Council cannot take any action at this meeting on requests made under this section of the agenda.

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    Addison Winslow about 1 month ago

    People are confused about how to shelter in place while they're homeless. The Council needs to give clear direction: Suspend enforcement of a ban on tent-camping. Pick places for people to go or allow people to find places in the open themselves. We can't help people shelter in place if they are hidden along the creeks. People are already sick and we're going to see an explosive outbreak on the streets in a matter of days if we cannot provide basic security for people to keep up a tent.

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    Robyn Engel about 1 month ago

    Mayor Schwab, since you and your "influential" (rich rightwingers) buds ousted our Mayor, you've done nothing but take steps to turn Chico into a police state. You've silenced our Vice Mayor, former Mayor, and Ory. They had issues to bring to the table. OUR ISSUES, ANN. YOU'VE SILENCED US BY SILENCING THEM. You've betrayed us of our Constitutional Rights. Our beloved human beings are dying outtide of COVID and life's hardships, simply because they're poor. Please find your heart and morality.