Meeting Time: April 07, 2020 at 6:00pm PDT
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Agenda Item

6.2. COUNCILMEMBER REQUESTS - Pursuant to AP&P 10-10, a majority vote of Council will be needed to agendize these items for discussion at a future meeting. Speaker cards will be accepted. Councilmember Ory has provided the Ad Hoc Housing Committee Report for information and discussion at a future meeting.

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    Robyn Engel about 1 month ago

    No! Hundreds or more of your constituents are struggling to survive living without any such luxuries, and now are even more vulnerable to death by COVID19, and yet you continue to defer a mere discourse about housing our unsheltered? Unacceptable. Unconsionable. Sit-lie violates the Constitution, as does this deferment. Every human being has the right to shelter and safety. I voted for you believing you felt the same. Prove it. At the very least, unleash that venom and let Ory speak to us!

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    Rob Berry about 1 month ago

    Non-essential business, Mr. Ory. Thanks for the info, but park it for a few months, and give us plenty of warning before it comes up. I think a town hall and formal discussion among parties of interest is called for and appropriate, when the proper time comes to take up this issue. That is not now.