Meeting Time: April 21, 2020 at 6:00pm PDT
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Agenda Item

7.1. SUPPLEMENTAL APPROPRIATION FOR COVID – 19 RESPONSE INITIATIVES The Director of Emergency Services/City Manager recommends approval of a supplemental appropriation in the amount of $265,000 to support the City’s current COVID-19 response initiatives. 

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  • Default_avatar
    Elizabeth Kuiper 8 months ago

    Yes please support these initiatives to help with the homeless especially- thank you

  • Default_avatar
    Rodney Winkle 10 months ago

    Transparency on this item would be good with a breakdown of how the funds are being spent and on what.

  • Default_avatar
    Peggy Jarolin 11 months ago

    Given we have no visibility into how funds are spent in this "crisis", I oppose further spending until we are given visibility into funds spent. These expenditures are not "saving lives", especially funds being sought for homeless. You ask for more dollars for homeless when there are already state and federal funding for this population distributed. Further, Council has allowed encampments to grow out of control in size and in trash. Fund the police.

  • Default_avatar
    Sara Voigtritter 12 months ago

    I support with reservations. Would prefer the 83K be used to place shelter over people not encourage encampment.

  • Web_robert_l_berry-65-edit
    Rob Berry, Attorney 12 months ago

    Every program and every expenditure does not "save lives". While Joy is a good person with great intentions, we are about to face one of the most serious financial emergencies, maybe in the history of Chico. Every dime we spend now will come back to haunt us soon. Businesses are certainly not spending as if this situation doesn't exist, and our city Government better take a lesson. How are we dealing with the economic emergency facing Chico?

  • Default_avatar
    Julie Threet 12 months ago

    Would like to be kept informed on a regular basis as to how these funds are allocated. Who is getting paid, how much, for what specific reason. Similar to the accounting documents posted by CARD for Board of Director meetings. They show every single check written. I appreciate this as it is my tax $ being spent. Thank you.

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    Jesica Giannola 12 months ago

    If we need money to save lives, then we need money to save Iives. Please do the right thing for ALL of our community, that includes poor/homeless/addicted that have the smallest voice. Thank you, stay well.

  • 3744463142238078
    Daniel Rodrigues 12 months ago

    What is this funding designated for? Why is this information (fiscal designation) not available for public commment?