Meeting Time: April 21, 2020 at 6:00pm PDT
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Agenda Item

7.2. PRESENTATION OF INITIATIVES TO ADEQUATELY PROVIDE SHELTER AND PROTECTION OF VULNERABLE POPULATIONS The Director of Emergency Services/City Manager recommends the City Council hear a presentation on initiatives to effectuate the provision of adequate sheltering and protection of vulnerable populations. 

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    John Lead about 2 years ago

    The information posted here are all well-detailed. Thank you for sharing.

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    Elizabeth Kuiper almost 3 years ago

    We can do this!

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    Rodney Winkle almost 3 years ago

    I don't see a proposed solution but its obvious that the solution is not our open spaces, green-ways and parks. The damage that has been done will take years to repair if it can be repaired at this point.

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    Claudette Ritter almost 3 years ago

    We need more information. Please get all these campers out of our Bidwell Park. The waterways are being polluted and the entire Park is at high risk during fire season. Fires are being left unattended and illegal activity is escalating through out our Park.The vulnerable population is ALL OF US. Our town is being hijacked.

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    Peggy Jarolin about 3 years ago

    I see a document dated 4/21/2020. Is that being presented? You know, I am a member of a vulnerable population, and as such, I oppose any further spending which will totally bankrupt an already economically hemorrhaging city. And, I read that Orme is already talking about cuts to fire and police. Really? Totally backwards!!

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    Sara Voigtritter about 3 years ago

    Please move people out of our parks and into a better situation for them and for the safety of all. The fairgrounds option seems like a good one. It is also not far from the Torres shelter, perhaps that programs they have already developed could apply...

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    Nichole Nava about 3 years ago

    I don’t see a presentation attached so I am struggling without any context as to the ‘solution’ to be presented. My hope would be that a controlled environment could be identified that doesn’t put the unhoused or the community at health risk. The current ‘Brown New Deal’ thrust upon this community without a public opportunity to address it, was unfair and our city is now reaping the ramifications of the poor decision to hamstring our police and allow unsanitary camps in our parks and waterways.

  • Web_robert_l_berry-65-edit
    Rob Berry, Attorney about 3 years ago

    How can I comment when I haven't heard the presentation. It looks like the Brown/Huber Homeless Industry presentation. I hope to hear something from Joy that is not just a repeat of the industry rhetoric that we've all heard so much of already.

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    Julie Threet about 3 years ago

    Please find a better solution than Bidwell Park. Just as San Francisco protects Golden Gate Park and the State protects State Parks, and Feds protect Yosemite. The current situation is only putting the homeless in the middle of a bad situation which is not fair for them either. Trash collection is really difficult in a Park like Bidwell. People ARE MOVING regardless of virus so let's take the opportunity to really find a better solution for all. Safety for ALL.

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    Gary Viertell about 3 years ago

    I would like to see a temporary camp set up at the fairgrounds and work on a more permanent one at the old Tuscun Ridge area of course in conjunction with the county. There could be mental health and addictions available for them and would be farther away for them to get drugs and alcohol without assistance. I think that would be a great long term solution for everybody involved.

  • 10222213066625599
    Margaret Hicks about 3 years ago

    Please end camping in Bidwell Park, and along other public waterways. If our homeless can’t get placed in motel rooms, then please build a suitable campground for them. I’m sure it’s currently difficult for volunteers to even reach some of these encampments. I’m also concerned about fire danger in Bidwell Park. COVID19 is a big deal, but please consider what destroying our beautiful park will due to this community that you have chosen to serve.

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    Jesica Giannola about 3 years ago

    Please consider and approve all proposals for housing for vulnerable populations. The same need has existed in our community, we discuss them at almost every council meeting, however we have failed in resolutions and now we have a massive emergency on our hands where people without homes are exposed- this exposing the community even further. It's time to authorize actual resolutions and not just talk about them.

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    Amy Stohlman about 3 years ago

    If we are going to provide adequate sheltering and protection of vulnerable populations, will it be the current population or population that is bussed in from Sacramento? This mornings news suggested that Gov Newson is arranging transportation of Sacramento's vulnerable population to Motel 6's in other cities. I just think we need to focus on our own and not accept vulnerable population from other areas while we have ones here that are unprotected.

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    Daniel Rodrigues about 3 years ago

    I support getting our vulnerable populations into a controlled environment where long term and possibly permanent damage to our oarks, waterways greenways and public spaces can be mitigated from the mass influx of trash and human waste that is occurring. This current state must be mitigated immediately to cease any further damage.