Meeting Time: April 21, 2020 at 6:00pm PDT
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Agenda Item

7.4. CLARIFICATION OF ENCAMPMENT POLICY DIRECTIVE REALTED TO PROTECTING VULNERABLE POPULATIONS The Director of Emergency Services/City Manager requests clarity on the encampment policy directive of April 7, 2020, related to protecting vulnerable populations.  

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    Demetria Russell 4 months ago

    We so often discuss the topic of the camp, however, the life of the city does not get better from this. I believe that this issue needs to be resolved more radically. Even the casino issue was resolved faster than setting up a camp. Although personally already have great fun at home playing at

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    el nada 4 months ago

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  • 169185827944179
    Michael Scofield 10 months ago

    This should have been done ages ago. Kudos to the current admin on this one. Feel free to <a href="">contact our team</a> for any concern.

  • 10219291784864566
    Mike Trolinder about 1 year ago

    The general plan and title 19 sets the frame work for living in Chico, if you can pay. Nothing in those plans and codes address survival in extreme poverty. Please...strategy/plan first, Consider a trio play. Full amenity camp managed by a LB shelter and transitional housing all under one operator. Let the operator manage the league of volunteers, Not the city.
    Do it in a commercial zone. Focus on thru put not capacity. Code to the plan. Lean into CHAT for housing. What is your strategy ?

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    Elizabeth Kuiper about 1 year ago

    The camping along the creeks is out of control...there should be campgrounds with facilities like toilets, showers, garbage NOT on the creeks where people can go..the waterways are disgusting- its a travesty. BUT we need to deal with the truth of homelessness in a humane way that rehabilitates and brings some sense of dignity to the community.

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    Peggy Jarolin over 1 year ago

    The hijinks pulled by the majority council handcuffing the police and allowing encampments to grow, trash to overflow, and campers to totally disregard the orders for social distancing and sheltering in place, despite bringing them food and camping supplies daily, is in fact illegal. It is not an ordinance. Mr. Orme merely has to look to our existing LEGAL ordinances to find his clarification.

  • 10219050166622805
    Claudette Ritter over 1 year ago

    Dear Mayor Schwab, City Manager Orme, Councilmembers Sean Morgan and Kasey Reynolds and Madame Clerk,

    I support the following three requests and would like you all to act to make them a reality:
    1) Ban Needles in Chico, 2) Remove illegal encampments from our parks, greenways, and waterways, and 3) Enact live reading during City Council meetings of ALL public comments received to keep our meetings transparent and council accountable to our community!

    Sincerely,Claudette Ritter

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    Beth Fox over 1 year ago

    Whatever clarification is needed to make sure the City is doing everything it needs to do to protect vulnerable populations. Make a safe, secure camping area(s) away from the parks and waterways, and solve these immediate concerns.Restrooms, sanitation stations, trash collection. Knowing where people are so we can take them food and other supplies, whatever is needed to keep people safe, secure and healthy, for the benefit of all. People are camping because they have nowhere else to go....

  • 10157157916321453
    Angella Crain over 1 year ago

    There should be no camps in our Parks or waterways. I haven't been able to safely take my children to our parks in quite a while and this has snowballed the effect. It's out of control.

  • 10223632175732129
    Robyn Engel over 1 year ago

    Every human being has the right to shelter and their basic needs being met. Full stop. This step in the direction towards humane treatment for all human beings is a key step to moving forward as a community. Thank you, Alex Brown, Scott Huber, Karl Ory, and Randall Stone. Any dismantling of the measure to protect human beings who have no money, is intolerable. While you're at it, please drop sit-lie. That's also intolerable and unconstitutional. Thank you.

  • 10214616766687406
    Crystal Maddocks over 1 year ago

    I oppose this

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    Nichole Nava over 1 year ago

    To be clear; I oppose the encampments in our parks & green/waterways. Brown, Huber, Stone & Ory acted in a manner inconsistent with the Brown Act. This issue was not new and is EXACTLY what Brown wanted in prior meetings; hence there was time to post/discuss with public input and we were NOT given a chance. You had time to find a better way and you didn’t. Instead you have chosen to destroy our ecosystem for your personal gain. Fix this now! NO MORE FOULING PARKS & CREEKS! Stop this insanity!

  • Web_robert_l_berry-65-edit
    Rob Berry, Attorney over 1 year ago

    This is a stupid, divisive idea. Alex Brown and Scott Huber, Randall Stone and Karl Ory, leave well enough alone. We didn't deal with the homeless encampments before this emergency hit, so this is not the time to give anyone a free pass. It was being handled, and you four just mucked it all up. Way to go. Nice job. No no one know what to do except the influx of campers and territorialism that has been added to our problems. Do you ever think any of this through??

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    Jennifer Slinkard over 1 year ago

    I am opposed to any encampments in the City of Chico. People who are camping/living on our streets are polluting our town and waterways. We need to stop allowing such destruction of our beautiful town!

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    Steve Kampfen over 1 year ago

    The April 7th motion lacked proper 5-2 vote to modify existing ordinances per the Brown Act. Not enforcing environmental laws and allowing wastes into our waterways but allowing City staff authority, in other functions, to enforce these environmental protections is arbitrary and discriminatory. The emergency ordinance conflicts with environmental laws protecting natural resources and is a violation of individual's 14th Amendment rights regarding equal protections and application of law. Fix It!

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    Barry Jones over 1 year ago

    I am very upset with the decision to allow homeless to camp in our parks. The people illegally camping, using illicit drugs, and leaving trash in our parks and rivers need to be placed in programs that can help them interact with society in a productive way. Bringing food, supplies, and bathrooms to these encampments only encourages them to stay and continue their disruptive ways. This is a dis-service to the tax paying community that no-longer feels comfortable going to parks and public areas.

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    Julie Threet over 1 year ago

    I am "neutral" as I appreciate the City Manager trying to get more clarification. Which tells you the obvious: the April 7th directive IS NOT WORKING FOR CHICO. So I "oppose" using Bidwell Park as the new encampment for our homeless. I "support" Joy reviewing other alternatives. These unfortunate individuals are being put in the middle that is unnecessary. Use those FEMA trailers they took out from our County. I would volunteer to clean up & serve food if we SAVE THE PARK.

  • 2660697350628810
    Gary Viertell over 1 year ago

    There should NOT be encampments allowed in the parks or waterways. See my comment above about using the fair grounds for short term and the Tucson Ridge area for long term help.

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    Karissa Casey over 1 year ago

    Heed the cautions of USIHC:“Creating these environments… have little impact on reducing homelessness… Proposed as "temporary" approaches, these programs prove difficult to close once they open.” Please redefine this policy to designate specific MANAGED areas, & exclude our waterways before it’s too late. We are already seeing a massive increase in trash in & around park & waterways. This policy was a major blow to our community, environment, dedicated police & volunteers. Please do better.

  • 10157689517086900
    Autumn Michelle over 1 year ago

    Just don't make things harder on this population. They have no homes and it is a global pandemic. They are just as valuable a life as any other.