Meeting Time: May 05, 2020 at 6:00pm PDT
Note: The online Request to Speak window has expired.

Agenda Item

3. BUSINESS FROM THE FLOOR - Members of the public may address the Council at this time on any matter not already listed on the agenda, with comments being limited to three minutes or as determined by the Mayor based on the number of speakers. The Council cannot take any action at this meeting on requests made under this section of the agenda.

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    JJ SEO 5 months ago

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  • 10157797638349193
    David Welch about 2 years ago

    Nobody wants to see campers and piles of trash in our parks and greenways. But forcing people out with no other alternative will only push them into residential areas creating even worse problems. The council should move emergently to create a legal camping space with toilets and trash collection AND a low-barrier shelter that allows for safety and human dignity. Work with county and state agencies to create comprehensive counseling and rehabilitation services. Facilitate low cost housing.

  • 225889472050591
    Herbert West almost 3 years ago

    Dang. People are so ready to be negative that they're checking the "opposed" box on their own business from the floor comments. Thanks for putting up with the yelling, and honking, and bullhorns and voting to look out for the most vulnerable folks in Chico. We might get drowned out by the loudest voices, but we notice and appreciate it.

  • 10159061849504653
    Lisa Currier almost 3 years ago

    Consistant objectors and complainers are dividing our community.
    I say we do t all have to agree for solutions to work. Not every solution works for the entire population.

    I hate the strife between groups of people and amongst themselves. I am sure you are all sick of it as well. I couldnt do what you do. Tough space and I appreciate you all. Please keep making solutions and please know we are all doing our best.
    Last week we fed 200 on the outskirts of town
    We all have a space to help

  • 10225709150217709
    Brian Bullen almost 3 years ago

    Reverse the brown new deal and I call for Alex brown to resign immediately.


    Angry taxpayer, homeowner, and father

  • Default_avatar
    Julie Threet almost 3 years ago

    At the last meeting it was decided that the encampments could not grow. Who had the action to maintain the numbers? Also they were to be 50 ft from waterway. Are all now 50 ft away? Finally, there was mention of garbage cleanup. Who owns this and who is accountable when it is not happening on a consistent basis (many photos continue to be taken and posted if needed). Thank you.

  • 284
    Nichole Nava almost 3 years ago

    The Brown New Deal is a blight on our parks & creeks &more importantly, flouts laws on the books! I formally demand that this council direct rangers to count ALL existing encampments &mark each location on a map. There was to be no new encampments allowed & a Shelter In Place. However, illegal campers migrate site to site across Chico &into each other's camps. You implemented a political play without a plan to mitigate damage successfully. Filth abounds & you can't track new camps. Fix it! #Map

  • 10225309876107146
    Caroline RP almost 3 years ago

    Can Council (or perhaps Joy Amaro?) confirm or deny that transients from out of the area are being assigned local motel rooms in Chico?
    Also, when will the "recommendations" to the police dept re: allowing camps at the waterway and in parks be lifted and what is the proposed process for that? Thank you.

  • Web_robert_l_berry-65-edit
    Rob Berry, Attorney almost 3 years ago

    Under what precise authority did the City Council enact the action regarding encampments of April 7, and subsequent “clarifications” and reiteration/confirmation during the meeting of April 21?
    Is it correct and accurate to refer to this action as an “Ordinance?” If not, what is the correct description for this specific action, and where does this descriptor draw its legal authority?
    How will this action be reversed when the local emergency is lifted?