Meeting Time: May 05, 2020 at 6:00pm PDT
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4.3. HEARING ON RESOLUTION DECLARING WEEDS, RUBBISH, REFUSE, AND DEBRIS TO BE A PUBLIC NUISANCE - ORDERING ABATEMENT AND REMOVAL, SETTING A DEADLINE FOR ABATEMENT, AND PROVIDING ASSESSMENT OF THE COST OF ABATEMENT Hearing to consider all objections to a resolution adopted 4/7/20, which declared a public nuisance relating to the abatement of weeds, rubbish, refuse and/or debris. (Report - Roy Wallis, Code Enforcement Officer)

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  • Default_avatar
    Amy Stohlman about 3 years ago

    Cost to be recovered by the property owners? I'm all for accountability, but why is it that we have a million rules for those who can afford it, and no rules for those who cannot? Consistency from our council would be appreciated, in regards to the fiscal impact section. The last few council mtgs (at a minimum) have not made accountability a priority and the City (the people) are paying for it. Something has to change, maybe the council members?

  • 284
    Nichole Nava about 3 years ago

    I find it hypocritical how Council directs staff on what to enforce, as Taxpayers are unfairly targeted! Tons of trash (food boxes, clothes, bedding, feces, & dirty NEEDLES being dumped into our parks & creeks should concern council equally, if not more! When will enforcement be equitable? You MUST take responsibility & ACT to rectify your negligence in passing the Brown New Deal. Residents should not be casualties of your political power plays that decimate our city.

  • 3154608877882584
    Michelle Hale about 3 years ago

    The hypocrisy is elaborate and deep. Start with yourselves first. Get the garbage our of our public spaces, the garbage your ridiculous actions and agenda pushing has created. Then come to us with hands out and ticket pads at the ready. Only then.