Meeting Time: May 19, 2020 at 5:30pm PDT
Note: The online Request to Speak window has expired.

Agenda Item

2.1. MODIFICATIONS TO EMERGENCY DECLARATION RESOLUTION NO. 7-20 AND DIRECTION ON FUTURE MEETINGS The City Manager seeks City Council approval of Modifications to Emergency Resolution 7-20 and direction on the status of future meetings during the COVID-19 emergency. (Report - Mark Orme, City Manager & Emergency Services Director)

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    mudasir saleem 7 months ago

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    Gianni Caponera over 3 years ago

    I saw something that shocked me today. We had two new Covid cases today. That may not seen like a lot until you see that there were also only 8 daily test results. Now that 2 cases is 25% of today's tests. How is Butte County still only testing 8 people per day? We obviously have a lot more work to do before we think about reopening.

  • 10217061769161879
    Karen Henderson over 3 years ago

    I oppose extending the Emergency Declaration.

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    Ann Nielsen over 3 years ago

    Butte County administrators have sent a letter to the State requesting a safe & blended reopening of Phase 2 and Phase 3. Please do not extend our city’s emergency declaration beyond June. Question: is this extension about possible reimbursement money from the State/Federal govt’s, if we follow their requirements? Our Chico citizens & businesses, and consequently our town, will not survive if things continue as they are. Please listen to all the Chicoans who you represent, and end the shutout

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    Peggy Jarolin over 3 years ago

    I oppose extension of the Emergency Declaration.

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    Nichole Nava over 3 years ago

    I oppose extending the emergency order through August. Via the Brown New Deal, under 1% of our population receives 3 delivered meals, medical help, dumpsters & bathrooms, yet STILL we have destruction in our parks & waterways, as many do not care & toss trash everywhere. STILL there are new camps & they hop camps; a big health hazard to the public. The City is NOT protecting vulnerable populations, mitigating impacts to businesses/jobs, or ensuring the responsible management of public spaces.

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    Julie Threet over 3 years ago

    I have to say that I was not going to provide input like I doing every meeting as I never get a response. And even when MAJORITY of comments are for/against the Council votes with the MINORITY. So I was going to go "pull weeds" instead but was raised to participate in my City Government. I oppose as: Enloe is half empty, virus #'s are low, Bidwell Park is a mess, encampments are GROWING, crime is UP. OPEN UP CHICO. Let citizens & businesses make their own choices. WE ARE RESPONSIBLE PEOPLE.

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    Jesica Giannola over 3 years ago

    I am in support of preventative measures to reduce risks of widespread community outbreak that once done will be impossible to undo.
    This is not a political issue but a right to life issue. I have watched the city fail at taking responsibility for premature openings of businesses, including the public support of the defiance by Sean Morgan. Shame on him. The people supporting less restrictions are people that are bored and ticked off. They lack understanding of the world wide pandemic.

  • 2460868870892953
    Penny Oster over 3 years ago

    The virus numbers in our county are so low. Please do NOT extend the emergency declaration until August. We are opening up the economy in Chico.
    This indicates that we are past the worst of the emergency... 30 day extension AT THE MOST. In the meantime, we have high E. Coli counts in the Sacramento River....because you are allowing illegal camping in our waterways. Please listen to us. We are the city you serve.

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    Pamela Kopping over 3 years ago

    I oppose the extension of the emergency order until August. Chico needs to be opened back up with common sense/necessary safety guidelines implemented. What has happened to our downtown, parks, creeks, and waterways since this all started is unacceptable. Where’s the accountability for the decisions that have been made by City Council? Please take necessary steps to re-open Chico safely and do not extend this emergency order for another 90 days!

  • 10225309876107146
    Caroline RP over 3 years ago

    I absolutely do not support extending the emergency order. The harm it is causing (that will be impossible to recover from) has already far exceeded its intent to protect. It seems like a dirty game and a dishonest pushing of agendas. Stop the madness please.

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    Jamie Strege over 3 years ago

    I do not be support extending the emergency order because it is being used to allow all of our parks to become drug infested camp grounds. The change in our parks in just this short amount of time is disturbing and I find it ironic that some of you consider yourselves environmentalists. Stop using the pandemic to further your personal agendas and start listening to the people that voted you in to represent them.

  • 31864ab7-881b-49e4-b972-7b64932db3f8
    Kimberly Burke over 3 years ago

    I oppose the extension of the emergency order until August. What is happening to our creeks, waterways and parks is horrible. Our natural resources are being destroyed and will NOT recover if this continues. The tax paying, law abiding citizens are literally being held hostage by the majority councils personal agendas. It is already going to be near impossible to get all the encampments out of Bidwell Park and our creeks. It is already going to cost the citizens huge amount of money to citizens

  • 10216436436927461
    Dave Leask over 3 years ago

    Your policies towards the homeless are destroying are town parks and just have made majority of chico citizens scared or extremely uncomforable to enjoy it. You snuck the brown act in by taking advantage of the pandemic This council has a long history of ignoring the publics wants and getting the councils own agenda or their vision of how chico should look. We elected you to do what the citizens want not your ideas. Fix this mess now or come November will will dispose of the trash ourselves.

  • 10214616766687406
    Crystal Maddocks over 3 years ago

    Open Chico back up. Stop using a bad situation to further horrible agendas.

  • 10222213066625599
    Margaret Hicks over 3 years ago

    Please do not approve this “emergency” clear through August. Please review it on at at a 30 day basis. Our parks and waterways are being destroyed by illegal camping, our economy is suffering from all the shutdowns. Please be responsive to the community you serve.

  • 3154608877882584
    Michelle Hale over 3 years ago

    This has not been used to help all of Chico. It has been used for shady agenda pushing. We need more testing, get on that would you? We need economic stimulus locally, get on that would you? Crime is out of control and you can no longer manipulate data to dispute that, get on that would you? Our environment is being destroyed by criminals in the parks, get on that would you? You did not use the declaration to address any of these issues, so you clearly do not need it.

  • 225889472050591
    Herbert West over 3 years ago

    Please consider extending the emergency orders. In the weeks since Chicoans have begun disregarding recommendations and opening non-essential businesses we've seen 6 new cases. I fear this will only get worse after seeing the lines for bars and restaurants last weekend, many of whom likely traveled here from more infected areas. Don't end this needed protection for those of of that are taking this seriously.

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    Allison Hart over 3 years ago

    There is no local emergency, the curve is flat ( whole reason for lockdown was to flatten curve). Jobs and businesses are being lost, time to open up!

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    Marci Pittman over 3 years ago

    Please rescind the Brown plan that degrades our community and does NOT help the homeless. The models of infection have been wildly WRONG and have led to irresponsible "emergency" policies that must change. We must reclaim our parks and city plaza and make them family-friendly again!