Meeting Time: May 19, 2020 at 5:30pm PDT
Note: Requests to speak are not allowed within 0 hours of meeting time. Speakers must register on site.

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2.2. COUNCILMEMBER MORGAN REQUEST TO DISCUSS PUBLIC ATTENDANCE AT FUTURE MEETINGS At its meeting of 5/7/20, the Council approved a request from Councilmember Morgan to discuss public attendance at future meetings.

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    Robin Indar 15 days ago

    The county just got some fresh new cases if Covid-19. We’re in phase 2. It’s too soon to open to the public, but I agree with having comments read at meetings as if we were there.

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    Karen Henderson 15 days ago

    I support allowing public attendance at future meetings.

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    Peggy Jarolin 15 days ago

    Silencing the public must stop. Read our comments aloud.

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    Nichole Nava 15 days ago

    Sadly, I don't trust what you do without the public present, & I don't always trust what you do when we are present. But what I should be able to trust is that the public will have their words read aloud during meetings. Open meetings back up, as you have failed to stick to solely essential business & worse, you don't read our comments aloud, so we wonder if you bother to read them. Allow social distancing, use the ante chamber, & wear masks. Also allow characters equal to a two minute speech!

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    Julie Threet 15 days ago

    I can go to a restaurant that social distants. So I can go to a City Council mtg that does too. If not, YOU ARE SAYING THAT the STAFF can't figure out how to set up social distancing at the mtgs. For those that don't feel comfortable, DON'T ATTEND. We have tested plenty. Enloe is EMPTY with COVID patients. They have taken down their tents & overflow at Rehab Center. SCIENCE is what the majority of the council speaks about so the medical science tells me to OPEN UP COUNCIL MEETINGS.

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    Jesica Giannola 15 days ago

    Keep it closed down for now, wait to see how those blatantly open bars, churches, salons, and restaurants impact us!

    When we open, require masks of everyone (including council) to be worn to attend in person- count on fake claims of not being able to wear one and be prepared to shut meetings back down if people won't cooperate. Reassess at end of June, and please, start reading our comments out loud at the meetings, we can tell they have been regularly dismissed. Thank you.

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    Lisa Currier 15 days ago

    I personally believe we should wait for more time and all testing results come in. I want to be there to speak but am in favor of safe distance and keeping my iminine compromised mom safe

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    Herbert West 15 days ago

    Unfortunately I think the meetings should remain closed right now. Politics shouldn't enter in to public health decisions, but I think it's fairly obvious that the "open now" and "continue to shelter" camps fall into two very different political ideologies. Opening before most people feel safe will skew the meeting attendance to the hard right.

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    Pamela Kopping 15 days ago

    The public should be allowed to attend council meetings with proper safety guidelines in place. If public is not allowed to start attending council meetings yet then our comments should all be read out loud. I don’t trust that every council member is actually reading them during the council meetings.

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    Caroline RP 15 days ago

    I support re-opening meetings to the public. If that is not going to happen right away, then at the very least please have public comments read aloud. Confidence that the public is being heard/thoughts considered is rapidly diminishing in the status quo.

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    Jamie Strege 15 days ago

    Since you do not read the public comments out loud the only other reasonable action is to allow people to comment in person. No more silencing the public.

  • 10214616766687406
    Crystal Maddocks 15 days ago

    Public attendance is vital!

  • 10222213066625599
    Margaret Hicks 15 days ago

    Surely the public could return to meetings by the use of masks and social distancing. Restaurants have figured it out already! If that can’t happen, our emails and input need to read read aloud in their entirety. Otherwise, the council is shutting out the voice of the people who they were elected to represent.

  • 3154608877882584
    Michelle Hale 15 days ago

    You have proven you can't be trusted to work in the shadows. Simple as that.

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    Lanita Fedorchuk 15 days ago

    Public attendance is vital. You made a resolution to meet only once a month for essential business. You have dismally failed by having more meetings than ever, without an audience. You all work for the people, not your personal agendas. People need to be heard.

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    Tarace Lea 15 days ago

    Council meetings REQUIRE public attendance. Limiting concerns/comments to 500 characters is an abuse of authority and prevents oversight from the people who elected you.

  • 10157820798844351
    Lee Robert 15 days ago

    It’s time to return the governance of the City of Chico to the people of Chico. Open up the Chambers.

  • 10216096586621209
    Dustin Vargas 15 days ago

    The purpose of the council is to hear the people. We have elected you to do so. Comments were not read as they should have been. Speakers should be allowed moving forward at meetings.

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    Susan Smead 15 days ago

    Comments written are not read aloud as they should have been. The only way for anyone to be heard by this council is to speak in person. For transparency and fairness, the council should be open to the public.

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    karin willhoit 15 days ago

    We can return to chambers with spacing and precautions. The public deserves to be in the room when decisions are made that impact all of us.

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    Juanita Sumner 16 days ago

    I agree with Rob Berry - either stop having non-essential meetings or let the public in. And get rid of this spam-ridden Chico Engaged - every night, at all the wee hours, I get spam emails from this site. The board of supervisors has a better site and the public comments have been read verbatim out loud for every meeting. And their agendas have actually been full of essential business - like fixing the roads, what a novel idea!

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    Rob Berry 16 days ago

    You directed by resolution to meet no more than once/per month to consider only essential business. You have failed to honor that resolution,and have had more meetings as a result of this restriction that in regular order. You are considering matters well beyond the strict definition of essential business. The majority seems to enjoy having a free hand without the bother of the public participation in local government, with predictable, negative results. Open it up.