Meeting Time: May 19, 2020 at 5:30pm PDT
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2.4. VERBAL UPDATE ON STRATEGIES AND ACTIONS FOR ENDING HOMELESSNESS Staff will provide an update on the recommended strategies and actions toward making progress on ending homelessness. (Report - Mark Orme, City Manager & Emergency Services Director))

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  • Default_avatar
    Dwayne Grandy about 3 years ago

    Use State funding for drug addiction treatment and mental health treatment. Strickly enforce the rules. No trashing our public sllopaces. No more free handouts. No more antisocial behavior. Follow the rules or send them packing where they came from.

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    Karen Henderson about 3 years ago

    Please address our homeless situation. Continuing to allow people to live in and around our waterways and parks is creating more problems.

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    Nichole Nava about 3 years ago

    Revisit immediately the decision to allow encampments in our parks & waterways; the growing number of camps since the decision has NOT been addressed. Stolen bikes were recovered from these hot spots, cooking fires came close to the fuel facility & homes, & trash is everywhere. The other public comment is FALSE that they are clean; Annie's Glen was horrific as was Comanche Creek, Humboldt Ave, Lower Bidwell Park and the channels. I have PROOF! Not old; new! Stop destroying our beautiful city!

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    Simeon Allison about 3 years ago

    I request you revisit the policy which allows people to camp in our parks which continues to destroy our most valued city treasure. Should you continue this policy, you will be responsible for the demise of our city socially, environmentally, economically.

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    Julie Threet about 3 years ago

    Please provide an update on the encampments and that recent "ordinance". THE ENCAMPEMTNS ARE GROWING. WE THE PEOPLE COUNT THEM. People/animals are being harassed & attacked at OUR PARK. I feel for the CPD and Park Ranger who seem to have hands tied. And also address why are transients from other states just being told to "move along" when they commit a crime?. I definitely have empathy for the homeless. But not those that continuously don't want help show up on BCACF site multiple times.

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    Jesica Giannola about 3 years ago

    keep seeking resolutions to house our citizens, and do a better job at taking care of them. They matter too. Any of you could end up in their shoes any day now. Better to get a good plan rolling now. Ty

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    Terri DiMarco about 3 years ago

    No one should be allowed to sleep, live or camp in Bidwell Park or in any public space in Chico CA. The people are unsanitary, create a health hazard with the trash they leave EVERYWHERE including drug paraphernalia & human waste. It's simply unsightly and some are frightening to the point that tax paying CITIZENS with children are afraid to visit downtown or the park if not accompanied by a husband for protection. I myself won't even walk my dog alone. Someone is going to be hurt.

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    Deena Bowen about 3 years ago

    I have huge concerns for the environmental impact that the unsupervised camping is and will have on our towns natural resources and parks. Seeing our town being destroyed is heart wrenching. What the city council has in place is not working, in fact it's worsening the problem. It is time for changes that will help find solutions and not mask it.

  • Default_avatar
    Claudette Ritter about 3 years ago

    The longer these tents are allowed the more difficult it will be to move them out and the more pollution
    To our Park and waterways etc. Stop catering to these individuals please

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    Jamie Strege about 3 years ago

    Why is the city of Chico trying to end homelessness? If bigger cities with bigger budgets can't end it what makes this city council think they can do better? The city should be offering services to those who want it and enforce strict anti-camping laws so that those who don't want services are not allowed to hang around causing trash and crime.

  • 10159061849504653
    Lisa Currier about 3 years ago

    As I travel all areas of Butte Co mainly in Chico. I believe we must have a proper sheltering in place before we close down areas of encampments. I do see some with garbage BUT that is far from the majority. Lets solution and stop bashing folks.

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    Pamela Kopping about 3 years ago

    The camping free for all that has grown exponentially since this all started needs to be stopped immediately. It has been well documented that the majority of those that are camping in our parks and next to our creeks, and waterways are not following safety guidelines. The amount of garbage, crime, vandalism, and contamination of waterways/creeks is reprehensible. Once again there has been no accountability. No more free for all camping! It’s out of control and only going to get worse!

  • 10225309876107146
    Caroline RP about 3 years ago

    Please see and follow the City Mission Statement.

  • 10216436436927461
    Dave Leask about 3 years ago

    Your policys on the homeless have destroyed are parks & water ways and made it unsafe and uncomfortable for majority of chico citizens. Have we tested that water? Im sure its contaminated. That doesn't seem to bother any of you. Theres better ways to help the homeless than a free for all pass for them. ITS YOUR JOB TO FIND IT. You took advantage of t hi is pandemic and pass tgus brown act without public input yes even if there was your personal agendas see to always rear its ugly head.

  • 10214616766687406
    Crystal Maddocks about 3 years ago

    We need to end these free hand out programs. They are are destroying our communities. The level of violence and horrific behavior has reach a all time high. We need money spent on forced mental help and enforcing laws when they are broken not just move them along.

  • 411005666289831
    Gianni Caponera about 3 years ago

    I recently had an opportunity to go out on a cleanup with volunteers, city staff and park rangers. We cleaned up some messes but all from old camps that had been abandoned or displaced. The camps that we visited that were allowed to shelter in place were all clean and had garbage already bagged waiting to be picked up. Allowing people to shelter in place is working. Please let this continue while you work on more permanent solutions.

  • 10222213066625599
    Margaret Hicks about 3 years ago

    Please discontinue any camping in our parks or along our waterways. It’s easy to see than the homeless are still moving freely about, while ordinary citizens are afraid to use the park to appreciate its beauty. Transient camps are creating illegal fires, trash pile-ups and endanger both people and the environment. If you must, create a sanitary camp, far from waterways, parks, and established neighborhoods, where people can be monitored during the COVID19.

  • 3154608877882584
    Michelle Hale about 3 years ago

    What you have done so far has failed. You think you have magical powers to end homelessness? You don't. End criminal transient ruination of Chico, THAT you CAN do. Hand outs have not worked, try hand ups.

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    Marci Pittman about 3 years ago

    The recent changes by the liberal majority city council have been devastating to our public safety and community. Allowing the homeless and drug addicted criminal transients to set up camps in our beautiful parks is destructive and has further exacerbated and degraded our public spaces and waterways.The criminal transient population must be held accountable for the damages and costs they are putting onto the backs of taxpayers and small business owners in this city!

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    Lanita Fedorchuk about 3 years ago

    This council needs to stop the camping in the park. They are destroying the park, contaminating our creeks & lighting fires, which if ever got out of control would burn our park. Stop this nonsense. If you want a tent city, put it up at the fair grounds or on a piece of land. Have someone check their health, give them literature on how to get help, etc. We need a drug rehab and a mental health facility now not later.