Meeting Time: June 09, 2020 at 6:00pm PDT

Agenda Item

3. BUSINESS FROM THE FLOOR - Members of the public may address the Council at this time on any matter not already listed on the agenda, with comments being limited to three minutes or as determined by the Mayor based on the number of speakers. The Council cannot take any action at this meeting on requests made under this section of the agenda.

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    Rachelle Mcdougall about 1 month ago

    Keeping the council meetings closed to your employers while most businesses are reopening their doors makes little sense. Unless of course the desired effect is to discuss city business and make decisions without direct input from the very people who put you in those seats.

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    Bryce Corron about 1 month ago

    We task the police with jobs they're not systemically trained to handle. They're overburdened with the task of "solving" every problem in our community. How much have they been able to "solve"? The community that we're living in right now is as good as it's going to get relying solely on the police. Instead of giving away 51% of our budget thinking this time it'll be different, lets use that money to invest directly into programs and in our community to address the root causes of our suffering.

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    Kelly Moakley about 1 month ago

    Please stop sliding non-essential, non-emergency issues into Covid protocol meetings! The public should be present and allowed to express their opinion. This is not the time for discussion of any issues related to our police force - clean up the mess in Browntown that you are 100% responsible for and start listening to the people of this community.

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    Jesica Montgomery about 1 month ago

    Essential business has been now reinterpreted for those wanting to keep the public out of these meetings. There are people in gyms right now working out and protestors in the plaza. The meetings need to be opened back up to the public if you are discussing opinions of needing “reallocation of funding”from our thin PD to other projects. Crime is Rampant in Chico! We don’t solve crime by housing criminals.

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    Jamie Damon about 1 month ago

    Please stop discussing non-emergency items until the public can be present.
    Please stop the needle give away and stop allowing transients to live in our parks.
    We do not need a special committee to look at police training etc. we need more police.

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    Bryce Goldstein about 1 month ago

    The problems plaguing our City have solutions, but we don't address the roots. We're told lack of funding prevents us from housing the homeless and improving our streets and parks. It's hard to buy this argument when the police receive half of the budget while other departments get crumbs. Reduce the police budget and re-allocate funds toward community development, public works, and parks. Hire social workers. We need our government to provide real help for mental health and domestic issues.

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    Sue Jeffries about 1 month ago

    Defunding the police is a recipe for disaster! More sales tax is bad also unless it goes to the police budget!

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    Amy Stohlman about 1 month ago

    When Chico's population increased after the Camp Fire, and crime has increased, did the police budget increase, NO. So don't defund an already short handed department that is already struggling to do their jobs, since the council has tied their hands during the SIP order. When will you start listening to the Majority. I read all the comments, and listen to your meetings and it's like you don't care what the people who voted for you want! Open the meetings back up, we deserve to be heard!

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    Karen Henderson about 1 month ago

    As a business owner in Chico, I oppose making any decisions that are not an emergency at this until the community can attend meetings. You all agreed to not put anything on the agenda until the community can attend. I don't think I am the only one feeling I am being lied to.

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    Jessalyn Ayars about 1 month ago

    I ask that the duties of the police department are reduced. Armed officers should not be showing up to mental health calls or bullying people experiencing homelessness in our town. Instead, the city should invest in social service workers who are better equipped to manage these situations. Police bring violence where none is due. Also, please support the NVHRC. Needle exchange programs save lives.

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    Juanita Sumner about 1 month ago

    Restaurants are open for dine-in. Friday gyms and salons will be open. Grocery stores have been open through the entire COVID crisis, without masks and very little social distancing. When will Chico City Council meetings open to the public? It's outrageous that our council continues to hold non-essential meetings without public oversight. Engaged is not a substitute for public participation.

    Let us back in OUR HOUSE.

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    Ashley Jones about 1 month ago

    Randal Stone, please remove the title “mayor” from your email signature. You are no longer mayor and this is misleading the community.

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    Jesica Giannola about 1 month ago

    Less policing!!
    Prevention goes along way. Domestic violence calls can be traced back to poverty, addiction, under employment/education, previous abuse history, lack of housing, food insecurity, and basic emotion regulation and anger management skills.
    Part of the services that we should be providing citizens are these tools- which can drastically drop the rates of high risk 911 calls and situations, reducing the trauma placed onto the next generations, and have a healthier community overall.

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    Sonia Anthoine about 1 month ago

    It's wildly irresponsible that the City plans to spend 49% of general funds ($27 million+) on police in the face of the myriad of housing and health issues facing our town. The police budget needs to be reconsidered and diverted to effective community-led health and safety strategies. Please consider compassionate and fiscally responsible programs (like the life-saving one in Eugene, OR) where certain 911 calls are dealt with by trained mental health first responders instead of police.

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    Margaret Hicks about 1 month ago

    1. Why are so many non-emergent items on the agenda at a time when the council is closed to Chico
    2. I’m supportive of more training for our police, as long as that can be accomplished within the current police budget.
    3. The police department should NOT be defunded, as they are already short handed.
    4. concentrate your efforts on eliminating camping all along our waterways and in our parks..

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    Senny Walker about 1 month ago

    1. DO NOT defund our police department
    2. ALL council members to do monthly mandatory ride alongs with our police.
    3. Honestly, get rid of the needle program. It is a lie that it is reducing the spread of blood born illnesses in Butte County.
    4. The mushrooming transient population and their attending tent cities are reducing property values, fouling our waterways, and RUINING the quality of life for the remaining 99.9 percent of Chico citizenry. The Covid excuse no longer applies.

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    Tarace Lea about 1 month ago

    The proposal items from Brown and Schwab ie: policy on use of force, de escalation trainings, officer intervention, etc are all outlined in the police policy manual. The trainings that Brown has outlined ie: de escalation, bias, mental health, etc already occur within academies and police departments as ongoing best practice trainings. None of this warrants an Ad Hoc Committee. This is an attempt to REDISTRIBUTE/DEFUND our
    already stretched thin police dept.

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    Misha Wallace about 1 month ago

    Please read the public comments out loud during your meetings or allow the public to attend all meetings again. The residents of the city are more than ever wanting to have their voices heard in regards to the policy decisions being made and it would be a mistake to continue on this way.

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    Ariella Anthony about 1 month ago

    I urge you to stop discussing and voting on items until the public is allowed to attend and be heard.

    I urge you NOT to defund the police department.

    I urge you to ban NVHRC and stop allowing people to camp in and pollute the parks and waterways.

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    Sisarie Sherry about 1 month ago

    While a public safety system should include the police, it should not entirely revolve around them. Emphasize violence and crime prevention programs. Stop having the police double as social workers, mental health specialists, etc. Fight hunger and poverty. Invest in affordable housing. Please allocate some of the police funds to these other efforts that will keep the community safe. Also, please read comments out loud. Thank you.