Meeting Time: June 09, 2020 at 6:00pm PDT

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5.2. ORDINANCE ADDING CHAPTER 3.90 TO ESTABLISH A ONE-CENT SALES TAX On November 20, 2018, the City Council approved a Finance Committee recommendation to engage a professional consulting firm to conduct a tax feasibility voter survey of City residents to determine the viability of passing a tax measure and on April 16, 2019, the City Council directed the administration of a voter survey for a 1 cent sales tax measure. EMC Research conducted the voter survey and on October 15, 2019, EMC presented the results to the City Council which indicates support for a 1 cent sales tax measure in November 2020. The City Council acted to direct City staff to prepare the necessary documentation and related actions to place a 1 cent general sales tax on the November 2020 ballot. The requested action would initial the formal requirements to proceed with the measure. This action requires 5 affirmative votes. (Report - Chris Constantin, Assistant City Manager)

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  • 10217721393491423
    Ventimiglio Anthony 29 days ago

    do it please

  • Default_avatar
    Leslie Machado about 1 month ago

    Nothing should be discussed or changed until the people of chico can be present at meetings. Period!

  • Default_avatar
    Meghan Tompkins about 1 month ago

    At a time when our communities are struggling financially we should not be raising taxes with no spending restrictions!

  • Default_avatar
    Meher Lippmann about 1 month ago

    we obviously need this.

  • Default_avatar
    Christy Sullivan about 1 month ago

    No New Taxes!!!What we need is a new City council! One that listens to the people about making our city safe!

  • Default_avatar
    Bryce Corron about 1 month ago

    This is to just to allow onto the ballot? If so that seems fair. Whatever is done with the money generated from our sales tax needs to go back into our community though. Perhaps investing in our crumbling roads or in the arts, such as our treasured and sadly fading historic murals?

  • Default_avatar
    Jonathan Rilea about 1 month ago

    No thank you. Trust in how the council is spending money that they already have has been broken.

  • 2909891372395921
    Chelsea Schneberger about 1 month ago

    Absolutely not. Between the threat to defund our local police department and Chico city council members putting more focus on protecting problem-causing vagrants than tax paying citizens, I don't have faith in their ability to properly use the funding this proposed tax would create. MAYBE if they outlined restrictions on how/where these funds could be allocated I'd consider it, but without a spending restriction that's a hard no from me.

  • 3434898959887300
    Sue Jeffries about 1 month ago

    NO SALES TAX increase unless it goes to the police dept. budget!!!

  • 4074358225937878
    Robert Stofa about 1 month ago

    I would only be in favor of the sales tax increase if the proceeds were all used to increase the police department budget.

  • 10217061769161879
    Karen Henderson about 1 month ago

    I can't agree on a tax increase when you, our council, cannot respect anything the majority wants.

  • Default_avatar
    Amy Stohlman about 1 month ago

    A year ago I might have considered the argument for a temporary tax increase, but the way the council is running through decisions, no way I'm voting to give them more funds to waste. New council, New dollars might do well, but we the people don't trust you right now, including the City Manager!

  • Default_avatar
    Yvonne Johnson about 1 month ago

    NO NO NO! I raised 3 children as a single mother on a budget and it wasn't easy but I did it. The city needs to start cutting administrative costs and they need to look at why the city manager cannot stay on budget.

  • Default_avatar
    Betty Niepoth about 1 month ago

    I am opposed to the tax increase.Also oppose defunding chico police! CRAZY

  • Default_avatar
    Rayna Brooke about 1 month ago

    Why can’t you spend the $18 million tax increase on more affordable housing? Cutting the already understaffed and underpaid police is going to make our community more unsafe and do more harm than good. We need someone who wants Chico to be a safe town not one with free needles and no officers.

  • Default_avatar
    Christopher Fowler about 1 month ago

    I oppose any and all tax increases, regardless of the circumstances. It would be better to practice austerity and balance the budget properly, like any sane person would. Living within your means is crucial in this regard.

  • 10216970873244059
    Kathy Birdseye about 1 month ago

    I oppose any new taxes until the real issues in Chico are addressed such as crime and transients camping along waterways, trash piling up in campsites, tents in common areas, misuse of parks, unsafe parks, needle and drug giveaways, etc.etc. etc.

  • Default_avatar
    Jesica Giannola about 1 month ago

    We need the money, let's do this.

    Resolutions to our deficits do not come from a money tree. If we want a better Chico, we need to put our money where it counts rather than wasting money frivolously on giant tantrum signs, used to advertise underdeveloped comprehension levels of social issues today and immaturity of those involved. Paid for and posted by citizens unwilling to be a part of the resolution.

    We need funding to address these issues, plain and simple.

    Let's get 'er done.

  • Default_avatar
    J H about 1 month ago

    I dd NOt support a one cent sales tax.

  • Default_avatar
    Kevin Clayborn about 1 month ago

    I oppose taxation without defined and approved purpose, which is what this measure proposes.