Meeting Time: September 15, 2020 at 6:00pm PDT
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Agenda Item

5.1. OVERVIEW OF THE NEEDLE EXCHANGE PROGRAM The Council will be provided an overview of several items pertaining to the needle exchange program. Addressing the Council via email were Jessica Haggard, Margaret Hicks, Julie Threet, Matt Donner, Jennifer Curtis, Jody Taylor, Deborah Byrd, Taylor Skinner, Nichole Nava, Claudette Ritter, Janet Buzarellos, Lisa Salzmann, Rob Berry, Caroline Ei, Marci Pittman, Pam Schideman, Susan Smead, Stephen Muser, Debora Jones, Michelle Reutlinger, Gary Viertell, Kimberly Burke, Michelle Hale, and Shannel Fowler.

  • 3832265613454531
    Amy Wheeler about 1 year ago

    I oppose the needle distribution program. Please vote to ban needle programs within Chico.

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    Holiday Davis about 1 year ago

    I’m disappointed the Council would consider a ban on a Public Health Service that scientific evidence and fact-based research shows to be effective in reducing the spread of communicable diseases (HIV, Hep B, Hep C, etc), connecting people who use drugs to local resources, and LITERALLY SAVING LIVES. Ask the CDC, the AMA, or the NIH - not Rob Berry. Evidence-based research is more important than his personal opinion. Take a stand for what Chico really needs - more services, not fewer.

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    Alexandra Wynter about 1 year ago

    I strongly support the syringe access program and NVHRC. Addiction is a public health issue. Harm reduction is health care that is science and fact-based. It is the responsibility of the council to take public health seriously in Chico and Butte County by allowing syringe access programs & organizations such as NVHRC to continue to have a positive impact in this community.

  • 3067048886650780
    Jules Brown about 1 year ago

    Oppose drug needle giveaway! A. Why listen to NVHR when they have continually lied? (Proven fact) B. The only alternative is a complete BAN. D. Support Morgan, 5.1.D. BAN any form of drug needle exchange, giveaway. PROTECT our community

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    Jacky Smith about 1 year ago

    I oppose any needle distribution in the city or county. We have seen the increase needle litter throughout the city since NVHRC was distributing needles. We do not need this in our city ever. Citizens have been begging for a ban and it took a law suit to stop what could have been stopped by our council. If the Public Health Department feels an exchange is needed for public safety then their office should be in charge of a true one for one exchange, not a different group.

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    Karissa Casey about 1 year ago

    Stop enabling drug users.... Please ban needles in our community. It will take years to clean up the current needle waste throughout our community. This is not the way to help drug addicts. Using illegal substances should not be a walk in the park!

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    Kim Dietz about 1 year ago

    I do not support a needle exchange program. I do support the ban of needle exchange in Butte County

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    Andy Willhoit about 1 year ago

    Implement a city-wide ban on any and all needle distribution programs.

  • 10223632175732129
    Robyn Engel about 1 year ago

    We're in a housing crisis. We're in a health crisis. We're talking about a state program that has already banned clean needle distribution (which was happening for the purpose of preventing another health crisis). Elections are upcoming, and you're still pointing at this to get votes. No reasonable or caring person in our community of over 100,000 is with you. Please shift your focus. Less than 10% of Chico is opposed. But they have the money and your attention. Please see, hear the majority.

  • 3591005950918520
    Kami DenlayKlingbeil about 1 year ago

    Please ban needle distributions for the city of Chico. Consider also placing a ban on the distribution of other drug paraphernalia such as cookers, tie offs, etc.

  • 10222385455492023
    Stefanie Barrett about 1 year ago

    Needle access programs are wrong for our community. The damage and lasting effects of the last failed needle program still linger in our community. Towns that surround us cannot fathom why we let such dangerous programs operate in our city, and they felt ripple effects in the form of increased needle litter as we did. Please, listen to your constituents and ban the programs. I'll bet less than 10% of voters agree with the needle programs.

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    Kari Logan about 1 year ago

    I support the needle exchange program and ask our city council members to take public health seriously.
    Please do not bend to the will of those who have been fed misinformation. Instead, make decisions based on the science that shows that these programs keep our community members alive.
    Your constituents include all the residents of Chico, not just the proudly pearl clutching NIMBYs.

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    karin willhoit about 1 year ago

    We have petitioned, protested peacefully and we have sued. We have written and called and begged. Please Please ban needles in Chico. Hear the VAST majority of Chicoans clamoring for NO NEEDLES. This program is harmful. Pregnant women and minors have been given needles by NVHRC. Put this issue to rest and take decisive action similar to surrounding cities. BAN NEEDLES NOW.

  • 3657480654286895
    Nathan Hull about 1 year ago

    Science has proven around the world that harm reduction works. Denying access to clean needles and rehabilitation will not stop anyone struggling with addiction.

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    Fred ludwig about 1 year ago

    The fact is that the needle program has been opposed by the community. That should say enough! Please get rid of this program all together like the surrounding communities. I have owned and operated a business in Chico for 23 years now and have seen many changes or programs that I didnt like (and liked) and have not spoke up. Well this one has created a mess. Look around. Make the right call for the community!!

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    Ashley Jones about 1 year ago

    The needle program must be banned. Look what has happened since the NVHRC began distributing drug paraphernalia in November 2019. The distribution of needles only brings HARM to our community. One uncapped needle lying on the ground is too many. Look at all those collected by community members. What about the innocent people struck by dirty needles. How do you sleep at night supporting a needle distribution by the NVHRC. Our community needs more recovery resources. Put the money into that!

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    Emily Lane about 1 year ago

    I absolutely support syringe access programs in Chico!! We all know the science is absolutely clear on the power of syringe access programs. Even the Trump administration supports them. However I want to express how these programs have affected me. I've used heroin for over 10 years in Chico. I've seen and expirenced the suffering of not having community support and clean supplies. NVHRC has made a drastically positive impact and has given me to tools to give back to my community and stay clean!

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    Caroline RP about 1 year ago

    Please hear your constituents who have been saying loudly and clearly BAN THE NEEDLE PROGRAM. Ban it, in all forms, permanently. You can no longer say "it's not our call." It most certainly is and you have been shown the way. Please support the mission, vision, and values of our City and do the right thing.

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    Jessica Haggard about 1 year ago

    OPPOSE the needle distribution. This is not humane, it is not right to help people have easy access in their addiction. As a person who has family addicted to drugs, this is not helping them get off of drugs, it is only making it easier for them to use drugs! All the needles left from drug addictics has also put the entire Community at risk for being poked accidentally by a used drug filled needle! NO NO NO no more! Use the money to open drug rehab centers and mental care facilities!

  • 10222213066625599
    Margaret Hicks about 1 year ago

    Please ban needle distribution programs in Chico. It is clear that the NVHRC program has been a disaster. I have a friend who must check their backyard for discarded needles every time the children go out to play. The situation has already improved with the recent halt to NVHRC needle distribution.