Meeting Time: December 08, 2020 at 6:00pm PST
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Agenda Item

2. CONSENT AGENDA - All matters listed under the Consent Agenda are to be considered routine and enacted by one motion. Public Comment, if any, will be taken prior to the Consent Agenda consideration.

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    Claudette Ritter about 2 years ago

    Huge Congratulations to our new council members. This is exciting and I am hopeful that our beautiful town will be revived and supported. Thank you to all of the hard work that went into this election. Let’s all work together to clean up our town and renew the spirit of Chico. Change is needed to bolster our downtown businesses and make us all feel safer again. Bidwell Park is here for ALL OF US to enjoy. It isn’t set up to be a camp ground for a few‼️Thank you for your service✅💯

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    Ruth Sarnoff about 2 years ago

    2.2 On budget modification contract, no bids, details, 2.3"modifying" Full-time positions sounds like "collateral damage' used to hide civilian deaths from bombing. 2.4 This Council amazes me. Donation of a surplus $4,500 light duty truck to DCBA! Survival by Chico's homeless people 24/7, in poor health, in wheelchairs, stranded, years of trying to get curb cuts, NOTHING in real time!

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    Kim Dietz about 2 years ago

    Welcome new city council members!

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    Nichole Nava about 2 years ago

    • A big congrats and welcome to the new council members! This is a welcome change!
    • I support the software needed to assist the clerk’s with PRA requests. Without that information the public would have been in the dark about actions that many citizens weren’t pleased about. Timely retrieval of this public information is vital to our system of checks and balances.
    • No comment on the other items in the consent calendar.