Meeting Time: March 02, 2021 at 6:00pm PST
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5.3. CONSIDERATION OF RENAMING TEICHERT PONDS AS A PEACE PONDS NATURE AREA - This item is being postponed to 3/16/21 At its 2/12/20 meeting, the Bidwell Park and Playground Commission (BPPC) Policy Advisory Committee (PAC) considered a proposal from Mr. Dick Cory to designate Teichert Ponds as a "Peace Park". The Committee recommended that the name be changed to "Peace Ponds Nature Area". On 2/24/20 the BPPC unanimously approved the PAC's recommendation to forward the proposed name change to the City Council for consideration. (Report - Erik Gustafson, Public Works Director O&M)

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    Tom Daz about 1 month ago

    Waste of time and money....Particularly at this time.....!!!

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    Jacky Smith about 1 month ago

    Changing the name is a waste of time and money.

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    Catherine Dasbach about 1 month ago

    Oppose....!!! Changing a name is not a simple thing.....At this time it is a moot point...!!!! Chico has much more important pressing issues at this time.

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    Jeff Creed about 1 month ago

    This is ridiculous! Why do these people even have time for this? Have they been in the parks, they are a mesa! This is a joke right?
    Fix and clean the parks before trivial BS like this...
    Maybe start by installing a trash catcher at the Tponds to catch the trash from the storm drains and some oil collection devices would be good too. Poor turtles behind Kohls swimming in filth and trash...

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    Juanita Sumner about 1 month ago

    You said that you would only hear "essential" items during the shut down. This entire agenda is packed full of nonessential items. This item is ridiculous - no offense to Mr. Cory, but one man shouldn't be able to take this kind of staff time = $$$$.

    That aside, my dad drove for Henry Teichert when they did the Hwy 99 replacement, he built Teichert Ponds. I think the name should stay, it's historic.

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    Jesica Giannola about 1 month ago

    I mean..really? You are bulldozing homeless folks because we don't have adequate housing, while the sickos cheer from the side-lines. It's past-time that some of you learn something about the city you aim to rule under hatred and divide. Please stop abusing our poor people, our time & money, & living in LaLaLand.
    Approve low-income housing, a camp location, less Q, more care, & more long-term resolutions, etc.
    If this takes longer than 10 mins to decide on, please rename it next year.

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    SHANNEL FOWLER about 1 month ago

    This item seems to be a waste of time considering the much more pressing issues that Chico is dealing with.

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    Bill Weems about 1 month ago


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    karen duncanwood about 1 month ago

    A good name for such a peaceful place.

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    Ruth Sarnoff 2 months ago

    This 40 acre site has/has had polluting activities for decades. Gravel used to construct Hwy 99 was mined here. The Pond area name of "Dead Horse Slough" (a toxic pit/water stream for mining waste). The Square Deal Mattress Factory, 'who works/or worked there & type of waste is important to know. Health & Safety has not been #1. Why the rush? Housing, Many Condo Apartments, lots of them. Are poor people in Chico, now with district-based voting for 1st time & sharing of funds, to be last again?

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    Mark Ruffner 2 months ago

    Oppose - much larger and more important city topics to be handled. What benefit justifies why the city should pay to rename maps, signage, etc...

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    Ryan Sanders 2 months ago

    The idea that this is a waste of time is a red herring. It will take two minutes to decide and the council moves on.

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    Alicia Trider 2 months ago

    I support this name change. This is a great idea! Thank you!

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    Susan Smead 2 months ago

    Wow, just wow. Why is this even on the agenda considering all we have going on in Chico that needs to be addressed. Let's stick to the important topics, once those are resolved then things of this nature can be addressed.

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    Amy Wheeler 2 months ago

    Oppose. The name is well known and there is so many more important things this city needs to discuss.

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    Kimberly Burke 2 months ago

    Is this truly essential business? I think not. Also why is it that this name change is even being put forward? This has been the name of this area for years. Little by little cancel culture is taking over everything. Do any of you even know why it’s called Teichert Ponds? Leave well enough alone. Let’s worry about getting the aggressive folks living out there into services and out of the pond area so that all citizens can enjoy the natural beauty and what it has to offer.

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    Rob Berry, Attorney 2 months ago

    This is the kind of thing that should only be taken up when nothing else important is happening. Several other items on the agenda are much more important than this. Try putting it on a future consent agenda.