Meeting Time: March 02, 2021 at 6:00pm PST
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Agenda Item

5.7. MAYOR COOLIDGE REQUEST TO DISCUSS A SALES TAX MEASURE FOR POLICE AND FIRE, AND A BOND FOR ROAD IMPROVEMENTS At its meeting of 1/5/21, the Council voted to agendize Mayor Coolidge's request to discuss a sales tax measure for police and fire and bond for road improvements.

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    Tom Daz about 1 month ago

    I support providing the city with better funding for fire, police etc but the past council has created situations where money is wasted because of poor and incompetent decisions. Make wise decisions. Once and for all make the county, state and homeless industry accountable. Stop using city funds for social services which others already have the grants, money, resources etc. handed them for these reasons. Thank you for all the present council who desire to serve the residents of Chico.

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    Jacky Smith about 1 month ago

    I understand stand the need for more money to fix our roads, but we need time for the current council to get the city straight on the current budget and prioritizing where our money is spent. Push back on the county and state to take care of their responsibility and not burden the city.

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    Catherine Dasbach about 1 month ago

    Enough city monies have been spent due to very poor decisions made by the past city council which has lead to a degradation & public health hazards to lands, water, parks, neighborhoods,& downtown.Practice wise decision making with city monies and stop engaging in activities such as social services which county and state entities are paid for but seem to ignore. Chico residents are tired of paying for the poor decisions of past council such as cockroach cleanup of downtown just to name one!

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    Jeff Creed about 1 month ago

    I see this as a necessary evil in running a city the size of Chico, but I agree with so many here that this is premature. The mismanagement of the City needs to be FIXED and clearly public trust needs to be established before time is wasted on balloting a tax. The City is failing to use its current resources prudently or strategically and until that happens over time I can't see a tax passing. Chico elected business people, and Chico needs more business leadership and less emotional decisions.

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    Bart Crocket about 1 month ago

    So this was your plan all along, Mr. Coolidge.

    I thought conservatives stood for lower taxes and less debt, or at least not raising taxes and debt.

    WHY weren’t you open and honest with us WHEN YOU WERE RUNNING FOR OFFICE and tell us you were going to raise our taxes and increase our debt? And for what? To satisfy the special interests.

    Yet another example of why honest people find politicians so loathsome.

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    Juanita Sumner about 1 month ago

    Police and fire employees are generously compensated and need to pay more of their benefits. Instead, staff puts millions of taxpayer money into their unfunded pension liability, this year, $11,400,000 that could have gone toward more hires and better street maintenance. The garbage tax - this year $1,980,000 - has been transferred into the Gen Fund every year, instead of going into the streets fund. There are no true "dedicated" funds - every fund is open for allocations to the UAL. NO TAX.

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    Jesica Giannola about 1 month ago

    Now, normally I would support a tax increase.. just nothing is for free & needs increase. HOWEVER, I think people are right in saying that we keep increasing taxes & then the money doesn't go where it is tagged for. Let's look at some of the compensations packages (sorry Mark), but they are HUGE in a town like Chico- with poor people living in dirt because we can't manage to focus on affordable housing or afford to pay for portapotties & potholes for Pete's sake. Cut the salaries, save a bundle

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    Dave Howell about 1 month ago

    Andrew, how many hundreds of millions will the bond be? And you know half the cost won’t even go for the roads but will go for interest and fees NOT A WISE USE OF $

    9/23 finance meeting revealed city’s cash flow up $30 million from prior year Where did those $ go? Not for the roads!

    City’s pension liability is over a quarter billion. Can never be paid, even with a POB & more tax increases. All that does is kick the can down the road a few years. REFORM the pensions/OPEB/employee compensation!

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    Bob Hall about 1 month ago

    What happened to the garbage tax money, sorry “franchise fee”? LOL

    That was supposed to go for the roads but you siphoned it off into the pensions. You do this every year with millions from other accounts that should go for the roads & other necessities

    You’re CORRUPT TOOLS of the public employee unions In your book crazy pensions & other excess compensation comes 1st; roads & the taxpayers come last!

    Now you want to raise our taxes & get us deeper in debt with a bond


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    Bill Weems about 1 month ago

    People, don’t believe the liars on the council proposing this. No matter what they call it, this is a pension tax. See article below. Written a year ago and is more true now.

    “...don’t be fooled. Every new local tax these days is, essentially, a pension tax.”

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    Ruth Sarnoff about 1 month ago

    TAXES FOR: who, what and why is usually in a report. #1 A letter to Mayor Coolidge asking for info from the clerks office is only doc. #2 A revue/audit of reserve funds, pension contracts, who gets what and why they get it. #3 ENVIRONMENT 2/19/21 AP "Huge changes in society needed to keep nature, Earth OK, says the UN". #4 Thus the 168-page report title is blunt: "Making Peace With Nature". #5 "Without nature's help, we will not thrive or even survive" UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said.

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    Mark Ruffner 2 months ago

    Please - CA residents are taxed quite enough.

    As far as the bond what happened to the previous strategy to fund roadwork? What was not addressed that requires a new bond, and if something was missed, why was it not considered? The systemic issue needs to be part of the discussion

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    Rain Scher 2 months ago

    i support taxes used for roads and fire department but not for police. the city already gives police half of the city budget, asking for more is beyond ridiculous. no more money for police.

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    Alicia Trider 2 months ago

    I do not support this new tax. Our community is struggling through a pandemic and many people are being laid off. Also, no new taxes before an audit of expenditures is done to see where our tax money is spent.

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    Amy Wheeler 2 months ago

    Oppose new taxes until audit of expenditures from previous years. New council members should keep promises made first. Possibly support in the future if taxes would be spent specifically on road repairs & new hires of police & fire (entry level positions, not higher ups).

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    Mark Kechloian 2 months ago

    I'd like to see an audit done of where our tax dollars are being spent before a tax measure is put forward. I don't think its the right time for it. There are other thing that need to be addressed first.

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    Kimberly Burke 2 months ago

    I believe it is a little early for this to be put forward. We as citizens are still trying to see if those that we elected are going to follow through on what they promised during the election. You will have a much better chance of people accepting any kind of tax increase, no matter how small, if you all stand by your oaths to the city charter and do what you were elected to do. We want to see results before you take anymore of our money.

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    Nichole Nava 2 months ago

    We are cart before the horse on this one, as the council has still not clearly defined where they stand on their role with the homeless issue & we are still under a PHE. Have the difficult conversation first about the footprint we want our city to have in the homeless situation before you ask us to weigh in on such a huge topic! I am not opposed to opening my purse strings to improve the quality of life of my family & our community, but I do not have full confidence in your direction yet.

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    Joe Fumasi 2 months ago

    The City has spent money to clean up last Council new Brown Deal now you want to get into are pockets after many loss jobs and struggling not the right time.

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    larry coleman 2 months ago

    Before we consider any further tax lets get our arms around where our money is currently going regarding the transient / homeless issue. An audit of Non Profits and service organizations who use tax money via grants is sorely needed. First things first, we need an accounting of what is being spent and how before we go any further with tax measures.