Meeting Time: March 02, 2021 at 6:00pm PST
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Agenda Item

5.8. COMMERCIAL CANNABIS REVENUE GENERATING MODELS AND FEES The City Manager recommends the City Council review and consider information related to commercial cannabis revenue generating models and fees and give further direction as to next steps. (Report - Mark Orme, City Manager)

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    Tom Daz about 1 month ago

    not now.....!!!!

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    Catherine Dasbach about 1 month ago

    Now is not the time...Perhaps in the spring...

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    Jeff Creed about 1 month ago

    I agree now is not the time!
    I also feel like the revenue modeling was only presented by the people with interest in opening shops. One thing other cities do is auction off permits, so the City doesn't have the burden of auditing sales. NYC and their Central Park Vendors are a famous example. I would support this idea with a minimum bid equal to, and dedicated to a Police Officers yearly salary per year; 4 stores = 4 more cops in Chico. A 2 year permit and open bid renewal, cash up front!!!

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    JESSICA MACKENZIE about 1 month ago

    Two years of meetings, hearings, committees, reports, & review by the Planning Commission resulted in a set of ordinances that represents best thinking and smart compromise. Jobs are waiting. Sales tax revenue is waiting. Economic stimulus is waiting. All that's missing - and was always planned - is direct revenue. The solution can be simple and immediate. Amend the ordinance to include a renewable, reviewable community benefit fee that sunsets upon voter approval of a cannabis-specific tax.

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    Jesica Giannola about 1 month ago

    the city has wasted soooooooooo much time and energy on this topic. There is city revenue being lost every single day that you waste getting this allowance pushed forward to realization. You have vendors and customers waiting, no doubt some needing the medicinal benefits of some of these locations, and others likely to benefit from reduced stress and anxiety that has built upon itself this past year of pandemic induced trauma. Stop dragging your feet, this is ridiculous now! What are you doing?

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    Ruth Sarnoff about 1 month ago

    #1 This proposal is irrelevant. #2 All corporate entities: At UN, World Bank & International Monetary Fund (IMF) are well aware of the need for an urgent response.#3Corporate 'Growth models'(revenue component) & California Superfund Sites in Reuse(revenue comp) GROUNDWATER SUSTAINABILITY WORKSHOP by Wyandotte Creek Groundwater Sustainability Agency Thurs./2/25/21, 2:00pm Reduction of Storage, Degraded Quality, Subsidence, Surface Water Depletion, GW Levels & Seawater, 2/22 ER+MR

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    Alicia Trider 2 months ago

    I support this.

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    Caity Maple 2 months ago

    The city has undergone a more than two-year long process which included an ad hoc committee and several community meetings. Businesses that are looking to bring jobs and give back to the community have been waiting patiently (while paying leases) to participate in the application process as promised. Many cities use development agreements to ensure cannabis businesses are contributing a % of their revenues back -- I would encourage this approach rather than waiting to place a tax on the ballot.

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    Mark Kechloian 2 months ago

    I think we have other more important issues for discussion. Bring it back at a later date.

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    Nichole Nava 2 months ago

    This is not the right time for this discussion when we are still under a PHE and the public cannot fully participate. Bring it back later.

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    Angela McLaughlin 2 months ago

    More than 60% of Chicoan's voted to legalize cannabis. Many businesses could be up and running swiftly, generating jobs and revenues for the city. There have never been more need in our community for good jobs and more sources of revenue. This is long overdue and the pandemic only heightens the need for the council to act.

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    Lanita Fedorchuk 2 months ago

    Why do we have to consider this now, when there are more important items to consider.

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    Joe Fumasi 2 months ago

    Please tax it!!!

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    Rob Berry, Attorney 2 months ago

    I am not opposed to responsible adult use of cannabis. I am opposed to taking this issue up now, given the other important issues before us. This can wait until Spring, and the Covid disaster is behind us.

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    Stephanie Dunn 2 months ago

    I am the owner of a State Licensed delivery service. We have been safely delivering to the City for just about 1.5 years.I would like to recommend the Counsel to consider implementing an out-of-area delivery permit & Cannabis Tax that will allow for us to continue servicing our patients. There are currently 13 out-of-area Companies that are delivering to the City. I do believe that with the implementation of this permit, it would greatly help the City generate a significant amount of revenue.