Meeting Time: March 02, 2021 at 6:00pm PST
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Agenda Item

5.10. COUNCILMEMBER DENLAY'S REQUEST TO DISCUSS THE GREATER CHICO HOMELESS TASK FORCE At its meeting of 2/2/21, the Council voted to agendize Councilmember Denlay's request to discuss making the Greater Chico Homeless Task Force an official City commission.

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    Tom Daz about 1 month ago

    Absolutely YES.A discussion is simply common sense....!!!! Thank you Councilmember Denlay....Another long overdue discussion on everyone's mind. We have a right because it effects all and the funds are from tax payers...!!!! A business who takes no inventory will fail...Why wouldn't a business desire to look into what has worked and what has not?! Makes no sense...YES to discussion...!!!

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    Jacky Smith about 1 month ago

    I support a discussion on this task force becoming an official commission.

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    AJ Leung about 1 month ago

    I support Councilmember Denlay's request. For a long time, the GCHTF has picked and chosen their own allies as part of the Task Force leading to ineffectiveness, distrust, misuse etc. Pretty much in bed with all the so-called non-profits that have continually failed to improve the homeless situation. Hopefully having it be an official City commission will lead to some overwatch and accountability for failures

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    Catherine Dasbach about 1 month ago

    Well, of course this is common sense....Why would anyone oppose a "discussion"..?? Makes one wonder ?? These entities make many demands in many ways on the residents and City of Chico but want no visibility, no transparency???? That's just not fare....That's not right...Thank you for this "request to discuss the greater chico homeless task force"...!!!! Long overdue and much needed discussion.

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    Peggy Jarolin about 1 month ago

    Thank you Councilmember Denlay for bringing this important issue forward! Interesting to see the vehement opposition to this; so many with so much to hide? Visibility, organization, RESULTS, and accountability are all obviously missing in this Task Force. "Adult Supervision" is now required!!

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    Jesica Giannola about 1 month ago

    This is another gross attempt at abuse towards our vulnerable populations. Denlay hasn't been involved in the task force & appears to have no intention of helping the situation, nor does she have expertise or accurate knowledge in the field. What's the motive here? How is her plan beneficial at all? How much money are we already wasting by bringing this before the council? This is a really bizarre request & it's clear by her continued "NO" votes on every Homeless related issue where she stands.

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    Meghan Philippi about 1 month ago

    I support the Greater Chico Homeless Task Force in the current formation. This established task force already has cooperation and support of service providers as well other important community stakeholders, including Butte College, Chico State, Butte County Office of Education, and the Butte County County Continuum of Care, to name a few. The "insight" Denlay is looking for can be gained by attending the (always open to the public) meetings.

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    SHANNEL FOWLER about 1 month ago

    I 100% support Councilmember Denlay's request. Lack of accountability on all levels is how this whole mess continues to get worse!!

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    Ruth Sarnoff about 1 month ago

    I (evacuated heavy smoke) in Chico last summer (I'm 88 and new heart valve. The City Clerk's Office provided a flash-drive recording of the AD HOC COMMITTE On POLICING. In a letter to COMMITTEE members I expressed my feeling that many of the most urgent issues were skirted. Police laws/codes, layered in back to Prohibition(1930's), is not legal. People dying in Chico streets need people taking action. Ask City Clerk for a flash-drive, organize, SHARE what you are doing. Organize! Watch!

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    karen duncanwood about 1 month ago

    Why isn't councilmember Denlay embarrassed to try to end a volunteer task force helping to serve all her (and all of Chico's)
    constituents for over 25 yrs? She was appointed to link with it and has NEVER been to one of it's meetings? Why? What prejudice lurks behind
    that dereliction of duty? Could it be blind contempt? Could it be laziness? Could it be elitism? Could it be stubborn ignorance? What is it?

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    Mark Ruffner 2 months ago

    support: the results of this task force are noticeably apparent and should be reviewed.

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    Skye Li 2 months ago

    Denlay is part of the problem, the Homeless Task force is part of the solution. Do not disband the task force. We need more conversation on how to support the unhoused, not how to ignore the issues. OPPOSE.

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    Tammy Ashba 2 months ago

    Denlay wants to disband group of hard working citizens who help provide solutions to homelessness, during a housing crisis. Their solution is to make the destitute suffer, and it’s unconscionable and unconstitutional. Shame on her. She’s never even attended a meeting.

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    Lindsay Allinger 2 months ago

    It seems obvious to me that Councilmember Denlay intends to abolish the Task Force if it were to become a City Commission based on the request itself. It makes no sense for the city to take on the Task Force without plans to make it better and this should have been discussed with those involved in the project first thing if that were the case. It seems this is just another plan to cause disturbance in the community.

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    Robert Bowman 2 months ago

    To disband an organization that has served our community and led to implementation of partial solutions for 25 years is folly.
    Councilmember Denlay as a assigned member to represent the City Council needs to attend these meetings and dialogue with its members to work together to find solutions to the shelter crisis in our community before more people die on the streets.

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    Rain Scher 2 months ago

    i oppose turning the GCHTF into a city commission. We need more opportunity for community members to work together to support reducing homelessness through humane means like shelter-first. A city commission overseen by the current council would certainly increase the cruel assault on our houseless neighbors.

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    Alicia Trider 2 months ago

    The meetings of the Greater Chico Homeless Task Force are open to the public, including council members. If Kami Denlay wants to be a part of the conversation surrounding our unhoused neighbors, she should attend one of the public meetings. Instead, she is attempting to cancel this local group that is actually helping our community without city funding!

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    Chris Nelson 2 months ago

    The collaborative and transparent work of the GCHTF is explained on their website. A commission by definition carries out instructions or duties. It takes the community and service providers out of the picture. As homelessness challenges worsen for the city this is absolutely the wrong way to go. Throwing a new bureaucracy into the mix has no chance of being helpful. Denlay can get involved with those doing the work if she wishes to learn more about community based solutions. Strong Opposition.

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    Melissa Antonowich 2 months ago

    The City Council and certain citizens of Chico are waging a war against its most vulnerable population. I strongly oppose giving them more power to harrass and terrorize the homeless population.

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    Kelly Stephens 2 months ago

    It is alarming that many associated with the GCHTF so strongly oppose a simple discussion. It begs the question, "What are they hiding?" I support any request that provides transparency to any organization that receives even just $1 of tax funds. I have gone to the GCHTF website and the information available is limited so this could be a great opportunity for community members new to civic engagement to learn more about the organization.