Meeting Time: April 06, 2021 at 6:00pm PDT
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Agenda Item

5.5. COUNCILMEMBER BROWN REQUEST - OUTDOOR SHELTERING OPPORTUNITY At its meeting 3/2/21, the Council voted to agendize a discussion on an outdoor sheltering opportunity at the BMX site.

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    Kelly McKeon about 1 year ago

    I support councilmember Brown's request. A sanctioned campground/outdoor shelter is the LEAST this city can do for our unhoused neighbors.

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    Katie VanderwallCook about 1 year ago

    We as a city and community desperately need a proper outdoor camping/car lot for our unhoused neighbors to safely stay. It is wrong and inhumane to continue to evict people from public places with no solutions for places for them to safely go. We do not have enough shelter beds currently, period.
    Stop this ridiculous new trope of referring to our unhoused neighbors as nomads, this isn’t Game Of Thrones these are real humans that need our help now.

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    Jesica Giannola about 1 year ago

    I support emergency camp locations. Stop dragging your feet on doing something for Chico's unhoused. It's almost as if you PREFER to shovel our homeless folks around town terrorizing them. Is that it? Once you DO SOMETHING and provide a place for them to be then your sporting event stops?
    There is NO EXCUSE for the city NOT to have provided a safe camp location by now. None. You have been HANDED PROPERTY even, & you still sit on your thumbs. Do the right thing already. It's your JOB.

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    Peggy Jarolin about 1 year ago

    Firmly oppose! As a taxpayer, I am opposed to funding the chosen life style of the "service resistant".

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    Jacky Smith about 1 year ago

    I oppose the City funding or giving land to open a sanctioned campground. If people want to camp as a way of life then they should find an established campground and pay to stay there. Opening a campground as a form of shelter for people that don't want to utilize current shelter should not be an option. People that say just GIVE me a place to camp and I'll be happy are not giving back to the community or making it a better place to live as we can see by the amount of trash in camp sites

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    Ingrid Butchart about 1 year ago

    I oppose creating a homeless camp next to Costco; this is not a solution to this out-of-control homeless situation.
    We are spending $73M a year on this now, the homeless population is growing and becoming more dangerous to themselves & housed residents & businesses alike.
    $73M, obviously we need to do something differently; do NOT create a new homeless camp. Please provide solutions and options; one of which may be a bus ticket out of the area. Warm, dry, fire weather is upon us. No new camps.

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    Jeff Downey about 1 year ago

    I do not support! NO! NO! and NO!

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    King Adrien about 1 year ago

    Please, please let us treat some of our most vulnerable neighbors with compassion. We should support and care for all of our community. ESPECIALLY those already struggling. How could we, as an ethical civilization, leave our suffering neighbors without even a safe space to simply exist? Thank you so much to everyone working to protect our community.

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    Brian Bullen about 1 year ago

    I oppose using city owned land or funds to create a homeless village. The city of Chico and its citizens have spoken as realized in the most recent council races. Time to clean up our town

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    Michael Staples about 1 year ago

    I do not support expansion, nor do I want the City funding or using city land for any camps

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    Catherine Dasbach about 1 year ago

    As a resident of Chico who lives near the BMX I strongly oppose this....We have witnessed the destruction that has happened to our parks, waterways, neighborhoods, families, children....etc....The issues needing attention are not being addressed.....drug/alcohol addiction, mental health solutions are being ignored......The BMX will become a ghetto infested drug/alcohol party..NO, NO....NO....!!!!! Alex Brown's ideas are toxic to our city......We have all witnessed this with our own eyes.NO BMX

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    Shannon Hester about 1 year ago

    As a homeowner near upper park, I support establishing outdoor sheltering/camping. The city needs to recognize the reality that moving people along brings no benefits to the “homeless” or the “homeowner”. There is not enough beds at shelters nor is that the best option for all. Do the right thing & create an environment that provides a safe location with water & bathrooms where service can be easily offered that also takes the waterways, neighborhoods & parks into consideration.

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    Kathryn Jackson about 1 year ago

    I strongly support a fact-based human-centered, open and public discussion of creating an outdoor sheltering opportunity at the BMX site.

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    AJ Leung about 1 year ago

    I oppose the use of any property within the Chico City Limits for outdoor sheltering. This greatly impacts the true citizens of the Chico in so many negative ways. Council Priorities: Public Safety, Finance and Administration Services, Economic Development, Community and the Enviroment, Technology.

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    Evalani Washington about 1 year ago

    Do it! This sensible proposal will have an immediate positive effect on our community.

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    Stephen Sayre about 1 year ago

    I strongly support Councilmember Brown's request. The city property the BMX folks are not using next to the Torres Shelter could provide a few of Chico's homeless a safe & sanctioned campground close to services to help them move from homelessness. The BMX folks are fine with that and your staff found it's the best option. Please ask city staff to provide some temporary, moveable fencing and make this happen immediately as a good start. Provide porta-potties and other services as an incentive.

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    Ashley Rasmussen about 1 year ago

    I think this is a good temporary solution to the current issues many have with camping. Evicting and moving our unhoused neighbors from one park to another is is both cruel and ineffective. Having a designated area when they can settle without worry of eviction is a good idea.

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    Patrick Rose about 1 year ago

    It's time for a discussion about real solutions for homelessness in Chico. Constantly displacing people and destroying the possessions they require to stay warm and dry is outrageous and insane. Current shelter options are woefully inadequate.

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    Steven Breedlove about 1 year ago

    We need emergency shelter opportunities for those bearing the brunt of this city's multi decade failure to ensure an adequate supply of affordable housing. The old BMX site is low hanging fruit and much more expensive than other options. Look at the distributed Community Supported Shelter model for better ideas. We need to get good at housing people quickly and cheaply because the Camp Fire is the opening salvo in the climate catastrophe. Stop the sweeps and build shelter now.

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    Scott Franzyshen about 1 year ago

    This is a commonsense proposal to an issue that needs to be addressed. We can not ignore the issue and expect it to change. Everyone can agree it needs to change ... This proposal should be given a chance to succeed or fail,