Meeting Time: April 06, 2021 at 6:00pm PDT
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Agenda Item

5.5. COUNCILMEMBER BROWN REQUEST - OUTDOOR SHELTERING OPPORTUNITY At its meeting 3/2/21, the Council voted to agendize a discussion on an outdoor sheltering opportunity at the BMX site.

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    Mattie Hinkley 8 months ago

    I support the plan to sanction land for use as a free public outdoor shelter. The continual forced removal of unhoused people occupying public land isn’t helpful or humane. Establishing a legal, reliable, safe, maintained space for people experiencing homelessness is critical, especially when our city is so lacking in available free 24-hour indoor shelters.

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    Sally Bianco 8 months ago

    I strongly support Councilmember Brown's request that the City prioritize authorization of an outdoor shelter at the BMX site and take action (set a budget, assign staff to work with lessee and provider) to make it happen as fast as possible. It's a temporary partial solution for a long-term chronic dilemma. I do not support the Council's actions of raiding homeless camps repeatedly to force them out and then chase them to wherever they next find a momentary camping spot.

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    Mr White 8 months ago

    Strongly Not supported. Will only worsen the illegal occupant/camper situation in the area, especially (when Finally) Butte County HHS/MENTAL HEALTH programs, and many other local funded and non profit service providers are performing their jobs and addressing the issue with structured (read accountable) services and programs. Thanks for making the logical and correct decision.

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    Michelle Hale 8 months ago

    Brown's ideas and actions have increased blight and human suffering in Chico not to mention environmental disaster. I oppose anything she endorses at this point.

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    Juan Araujo Sarinana 8 months ago

    I fully support Councilmember Brown's request, we need a sanctioned outdoor shelter where people are allowed to exist. Sweeps are inhumane and a colossal waste of resources. People have a right to exist, unhoused people are human and deserve to be treated with DIGNITY. Allowing unhoused people to camp and rest is THE MINIMUM this city could do.

    Move forward with this request, do the right thing.

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    Erin Whitney 8 months ago

    I agree with Councilmember Brown, we need some sort of planned and managed response to the housing needs of our community. This should be a safe space with adequate water, trash collection, protection from heat and cold, and social service resources available. Unhoused community members continue to be moved around and need a space to live, and I support the use of the BMX site as a sanctioned campground.