Meeting Time: September 21, 2021 at 6:00pm PDT
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Agenda Item

5.3. POTENTIAL REVENUE MEASURE This report provides analysis on revenue measures, as presented to the Finance Committee, and recommends Council authorize staff to prepare the necessary documentation to propose a sales tax measure be added to the 2022 ballot to fund City needs to enhance the safety, beauty and overall quality of life in the City of Chico. (Report - Mark Orme, City Manager)

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    Kate Francis 9 months ago

    I strongly oppose taxing Chico residents. How about we have the city manager and city attorney take a reduction in their already overpaid salaries? Better yet, hire people who have real knowledge of how to prevent a once beautiful and productive town into a haven for transients from all over the US. I can't believe you are asking Chico's good people to pay for this disgusting mess. Get a clue ...PLEASE...and fast

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    Melissa Lopez 9 months ago

    no, no and no !! I suppose you will be wanting us to pay for cleaning up Comanche Crap Creek and also the BMX. Put the vagrants to work cleaning up their own mess.. Make Butte Co Board of Supervisors accountable and responsible for their part. Chico is their responsibility also. They contributed and fanned the fire. They receive funds for newly released prisoners, mentally ill, vagrants. That's all they do is accept millions of dollars for this mess. Let BC Board of Supervisors be accountable.

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    Bill Brouhard 9 months ago

    I respectfully encouraging the City Council to approve this measure and allow Chico's residents to vote on the sales tax.

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    Catherine Dasbach 9 months ago

    Absolutely NO !! Fix the problems you created first. Please hire a competent city attorney and city manager who will stop costing Chico so much money giving poor advice and making poor decisions. Do not let this fall on the already stressed tax payers of Chico. Make Butte Co Board of Supervisors step up for their part accepting funds for admitting transients and mentally ill from other cities to Behavioral Health to be release into Chico without support or planning for them.

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    Mary Lopez 9 months ago

    Is this a joke? Please show us the city can responsibly use funds already available before asking for more from the good people of Chico who already pay taxes! Clean up the messes already made without expecting the tax paying citizens to pick up the slack from so many debacles. Please pursue the Butte Co Board of Supervisors. They accept millions of $$ for the mentally ill and vagrant population they bring to Butte Co Behavior Health & release into Chico without a plan or supervision