Meeting Time: March 25, 2020 at 6:00pm PDT
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Agenda Item

2.1. MAYOR STONE & VICE MAYOR BROWN - HOUSING RELATED ITEMS & OTHER EMERGENCY RELATED ITEMS DUE TO COVID-19 Mayor Randall Stone and Vice Mayor Brown have called for a Special Meeting to address the eviction protections, support for the unhoused, including sanitation and shelter options or updates. Vice Mayor Brown is also asking for the Council to consider: (1) tent camping opportunities and guidelines so that vulnerable populations can be more easily reached and those with tents can stay in them to avoid the spread of COVID-19; (2) sanitation stations, including the possibility of installing additional hand sanitizer locations in key locations; and (3) any means by which the City can support sheltering operations to get up and running immediately and non-profits who may be able to help.

  • 10217061769161879
    Karen Henderson 5 months ago

    yes please

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    Raymond Scott 5 months ago

    i order to protect everyone in this community we need to make sure everyone has shelter. This means a ban on evictions, legalizing camping and commandeering motels. Sanitation stations also need to be accessible to everyone. Peoples lives matter more than money.

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    Zoe DiMercurio 5 months ago

    I fully support these measures and more. The unhoused need our support now more than ever. This pandemic will strike the most vulnerable the hardest, and we as a society need to pull together to fight against it. If we do not take these very modest steps for the public good then we are not going to be properly prepared for the public health crisis that is gripping much of the world.

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    Lisa Currier 5 months ago

    Do better

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    Steven Breedlove 5 months ago

    I saw this coming. I tried to warn you. The fact you are attacking each other instead of offering assurances and condolences reflects this entire body's bankruptcy. Sean and Kasey voted for Randall as mayor. Why is Ann paying into the hands of right wingers? Oh because we have one party rule! The wealthy land owning and business class have had their day. The pitchforks are coming.

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    JoAnn Raff 5 months ago

    Tents for homeless are dirty and a disgrace to city. Considering current virus in County and elsewhere in California, they will actually cause spreading more germs, insanitary conditions. This is APPALLING!

  • 10216704310061637
    Doug Burton 5 months ago

    While I agree with increased sanitation stations, I believe the other issues are being effectively addressed by the state.
    I believe tent cities would actually increase the spread of the virus, unless there someone there to enforce order.

  • 10157797638349193
    David Welch 5 months ago

    This is a critical time to move fast and aggressively to get the unhoused into safe shelter - not just for their safety but for all of ours. We are all told to stay in our homes - which hardly works for those with no home to go to. We won't make the problem go away by starving people out.

  • 10221480616067710
    Carey Wilson 5 months ago

    Providing easily accesssible hand washing stations and stable living arrangements for our homeless citizens is more important than ever during this public health emergency. The proposed actions to help them would actually make the city safer for the housed citizens of Chico.

  • 10160621341069572
    Rob Davidson 5 months ago

    This is a public health crisis! The unhoused need our support more than ever. I wholeheartedly support allowing special provisions for tent camping and sanitation stations.

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    Lauren Kohler 5 months ago

    I support all three of the requests Vice Mayor Brown has proposed. We need to take care of our most vulnerable populations. We have largely failed thus far, but now more than ever we need to act quickly, compassionately, and intelligently. People need a space to shelter-in-place, and it's the city's responsibility to facilitate that.

  • 10222213066625599
    Margaret Hicks 5 months ago

    I support sanitation stations, as long as they are “no touch” dispensing.

    I do not support tent camping within the city limits, since I could see this totally backfiring . Instead of supporting social distancing, it would likely encourage community spread. The state of California is designating hotels, and they are a much more appropriate setting to contain the virus (individual bathrooms), etc.

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    Aaron Briand 5 months ago

    Opposition to support for the unhoused & those at risk of becoming unhoused is nothing short of exterminatory at this point

  • 10219439600453498
    Eric Chisler 5 months ago

    There is only one intelligent decision in this moment of COVID-19: people are only capable of isolating and staying clean if they have shelter. This is the bare minimum we can do for the health and safety of this city. We cannot afford half measures in response to this crisis which will likely claim more lives in our county than the Camp Fire. Act now to protect everyone by protecting those most vulnerable to this crisis and most likely to be vectors without necessary support.

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    Cody K 5 months ago

    Make hand washing stations available all over town

  • 10156817348476689
    Nicolas Jackson 5 months ago

    I support housing now and a citywide ban on evictions for the duration of this emergency. Those without shelter are extremely vulnerable right now. I ask that this council do everything in its power to rapidly construct shelters and allow for tents and adequate sanitation facilities in the interim. I am personally very vulnerable to losing my housing being on Section 8 and Supplement Security Income. Without a ban on evictions I and people like me will end up shelterless.

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    Kari Logan 5 months ago

    Please do everything possible to protect our most vulnerable populations.
    The city of Chico should be providing bathrooms and sanitation stations.
    We need multiple camping grounds for our houseless population to shelter in place.
    I'm absolutely shocked and appalled by those who oppose.

  • 10219789009053191
    Joseph Schneider 5 months ago

    This proposal is aspirational and not based on thinking strategically for the city. Both Mayor Stone snd Vice Mayor Brown both lack the proven experience and it shows. The impact of this proposal will have measurable impact on the community, it’s residents, and the long term success for the City of Chico.

  • 1357065087830296
    Hunter Hernandez 5 months ago

    A community is only as healthy as the least advantaged within it. You should’ve done more to support and help the homeless before this but better late than never. Anyone who opposes this is a monster

  • 10222328496545110
    Chaz Kelley 5 months ago

    It is fundamental had not just a matter of public heath but the nearest level of human decency that we ensure protection of all citizens to have a sheltered location where they can rest and flatten the curve of this global pandemic. Failure to adopt this measure will only lead to further spread and give power to kick out those furloughed or layed off as well as punish our most vulnerable citizens