Meeting Time: May 26, 2020 at 5:30pm PDT

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    Andy Willhoit over 3 years ago

    What is the plan for the un-housed that are not choosing to engage with services? Our waterways are filled with encampments. If more beds are made available via this shelter and these un-housed individuals choose not to use them will council support CPD in enforcing existing laws against illegal encampments and move these individuals out of our waterways? If so, when and how. Specifics please.

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    Karissa Casey over 3 years ago

    Given that we are way beyond "no services", I could support a well managed low barrier shelter in this location that was held accountable and offered wrap around services.

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    Pamela Kopping over 3 years ago

    I’m unable to find any written report on this. I think our community is highly aware of the need for increased shelter beds but with a low barrier shelter where is the accountability? Who will be filling the leadership role and ensuring that those who choose to stay at the shelter are accountable for their actions. If this shelter opens then CPD needs to be allowed to enforce illegal camping laws/ordinances for those who choose not to utilize the low barrier shelter. Accountability is key!

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    Susan Smead over 3 years ago

    It's hard to know whether to support or oppose without details. There has to be accountability to any shelter for it to work. It's time to get these folks out of our parks, waterways and creeks and into a shelter with wrap around services and county involvement. We need detox, rehab and mental health or this is just throwing more money down the drain. Instead of needles, let's us funds to get these people back into functioning society.

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    Yvonne Johnson over 3 years ago

    I would support this plan if the city would contract with BCSO to have jurisdiction over the site and if participants are given meaningful onsite services during the daytime.

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    Lisa Fanos over 3 years ago

    Why is this only temporary?

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    Jacqueline Glover over 3 years ago

    There must be accountability, rehabs work if you work it. Low barrier does nothing to help a person get clean. You give out drug paraphernalia your going to have continued addiction. If you really wanted to help people, rehabs are what is important. Quit fooling yourselfs, your not fooling us. Call me disappointed.

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    Julie Threet over 3 years ago

    Need to see full plan including who manages & rules... plus what happens if rules are broken. Like the idea and place chosen. Just skeptical especially as I feel many will not want to live there. Is this a temporary plan until new Jesus Center and/or another permanent shelter is built? And what are Chico stats regarding # of homeless vs. citizens in our town. And vs. cities in our county. The word is that homeless come to Chico as a "good place" to be homeless.

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    Rich Burton over 3 years ago

    Although, over time the idea of having an additional shelter has grown on me even if it is low barrier. Like many other citizens I want solutions for the local homeless population, but what is the plan for accountability for the people that choose not to seek services or this new shelter? That is an extremely important piece, if a new low-barrier shelter is to be built the illegal camping and other laws that are currently in place need to be fully enforced. We need accountability!

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    Jules Brown over 3 years ago

    Citizens need to see the long term plan. Meanwhile do you have a temporary site to move the encampments to like other cities do? This needs to happen so we can start the LONG road to cleaning up the garbage, human waste and 1000’s, Thousands of HEROIN NEEDLES! Our Grandchildren deserve to enjoy the outdoors again when it’s safe. Note: Make NVHRC Clean up their needles daily! How on earth did this become the norm? Please help us effect change

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    Peggy Jarolin over 3 years ago

    What level of accountability will come with the new shelter? If people choose not to use them, will CPD be supported to enforce current laws to protect our community and further encampment? Some will not move to the shelter and more will come to Chico to take over the spaces vacated by those in shelter. Please provide the transient population numbers behind this proposal. Your proposals seem to keep Chico always in a position of not having enough beds so forever allowing encampments.

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    Caroline RP over 3 years ago

    Please address the issue of enforcement and accountability of criminal transient behavior, should this project move forward. If we build it, and it is an option for the homeless in our City, will the police department be staffed and directed for maximum enforcement of illegal camping, littering, harassment of others, etc to achieve a balance? If not, this is just another reason to be homeless in Chico and to invite homeless from out of the area.

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    Nichole Nava over 3 years ago

    W/no written report & zero idea as to what will be stated during Orme's verbal report, it is hard to weigh in. I believe it's the County's role to step in w/Behavioral & Mental Health Depts to address the HUGE drug & mental health issues. Also, the County should address affordable housing, with Chico only playing a role in regard to permitting & ensuring housing follows our city plan. Since that apparently isn't happening yet, I am interested to see the plan. May support it & location w/plan.

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    Rob Berry, Attorney over 3 years ago

    While you will be hearing a plan tonight on "how to end homelessness", I think that is the wrong objective. The objective should be returning our parks and waterways to a safe, clean and beautiful, pristine condition. They are as far from that has they have ever been in the entire history of Chico. That has occurred on your watch.

    I submitted an alternative plan. I hope you take the time to at least read it.

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    Juanita Sumner over 3 years ago

    There should be a written report for this item, including any previous reports given at committee meetings. With closed meetings, it just looks like you are, as former staffer Bob Summerfield used to say, "running it under the radar".

    I think the public has made it very clear we don't want low barrier shelters in Chico. When I was a kid they had one at the jail, they called it, "the drunk tank."

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    Claudette Ritter over 3 years ago