Meeting Time: May 26, 2020 at 5:30pm PDT

Agenda Item

B. Councilmember Stone has submitted a request to agendize a discussion on closing streets to dining patrons this summer downtown.

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    Deborah Byrd about 1 month ago


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    Curtis Pahlka about 1 month ago

    I'm curious how many businesses would want this. If there were a significant number of businesses that would want to do this, I believe there is a way this could be done equitably.

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    Michelle Hale about 1 month ago

    It is hard to understand what Stone wants to do here, but it sure does not sound emergent. People need jobs, emergent. People need freedom from criminals living illegally in public spaces, emergent. Roads are all tore up, emergent. Stone's wacko notions are not.

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    Stefanie Barrett about 1 month ago

    Please don't about Randall Stone the agendize this. He needs to be stopped from doing favors for NVHRC.

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    Pamela Kopping about 1 month ago

    This makes absolutely no sense to me! Why is ex mayor Randall Stone asking for this? What makes this “essential” business? Not to mention the fact that eating outside in downtown Chico in the 100 degree heat is not appealing nor is dealing with all the criminal vagrants that have more rights than all the tax paying citizens do!

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    Andy Willhoit about 1 month ago

    Randall Stone was wrong when he screamed on a news interview that "people are going to die" and he is still wrong. The models were wrong. Covid has only been a threat to the business owners and employees in downtown Chico. This is a ridiculous proposal. Please deny it.

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    SHANNEL FOWLER about 1 month ago

    This request is very unclear. If you are asking to shut down city streets so the people can eat outside in triple-digit heat, I oppose it because it's never going to happen. That would make absolutely no sense!

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    Karissa Casey about 1 month ago

    If he meant closing sidewalk to dining, I DO NOT support that. Local business already have to reduce tables where they are allowed to seat their guests. This would be another hardship & more lost revenue for our town. It doesn't make any sense. However, if he wants to close streets to cars and expand seating to help restaurants make normal capacity, I could support that as other cities have successfully done.

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    Nancy Doherty about 1 month ago

    Please resign Mr.Stone!

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    Misha Wallace about 1 month ago

    Regardless of the reasoning as to "why" the streets being closed is being proposed, I am opposed to this for a variety of reasons, not limited to the two I will mention here. The first reason; this will not help already struggling businesses downtown stay alive during summer - parking was already limited. The second reason; out temperatures soar during the summer months and it is not feasible that the streets would even be utilized this way. We would have closed streets yes and closed businesses

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    Jamie Strege about 1 month ago

    This is poorly written but if it means closing the streets to traffic so people can eat outside, I do not support. No one wants to sit outside and eat during summer temperatures.

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    Rob Berry about 1 month ago

    Being humiliated by being the first mayor, Latino or otherwise, voted out by his colleagues hasn't slowed him down much. Accept the fact that you, Randall, far from knowing everything about everything, know little. To top that off, it seems a challenge to construct a coherent sentence. You clearly don't mean "close the streets to diners", but who knows what you really mean, or if you will do what you meant to say? Honestly. And why is this essential city business?

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    Yvonne Johnson about 1 month ago

    What does this even mean?

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    Debra Pitcher about 1 month ago

    This should not fall under the “closed” meetings (ie no citizen input) but be discussed, if at all, by everyone at an open meeting.
    I am not clear as to what Stone is suggesting but I’m sure businesses downtown would like to have their input stated for all to hear. I for one am handicap and can’t just “stroll” into town!

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    Debora Jones about 1 month ago

    Once again Stone makes NO sense!
    Leave OUR down town alone.. this shouldn’t even be up for discussion!!!

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    Daniel Rodrigues about 1 month ago

    Leave our downtown eateries alone! They have suffered enough financial woe and do not need any more "Stones" thrown at them!

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    Peggy Jarolin about 1 month ago

    This is another "non emergency" discussion on an emergency agenda. This is very poorly written and not understandable. I oppose anything which would further negatively impact the already financially fragile downtown merchants. If you want to drive business downtown, ask the merchants what would help them.

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    Anna Paulos about 1 month ago

    There is zero reason to close traffic downtown, there are many other businesses downtown other than restaurants. This proposal is insane.

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    Julie Threet about 1 month ago

    Makes zero sense. How are businesses supposed to operate? How are disabled supposed to access downtown? COMPLETE WASTE OF COUNCIL TIME AND NOT ESSENTIAL WHICH CALLS FOR AN EMERGENCY MEETING.

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    Kimberly Burke about 1 month ago

    Once again unseated Ex-Mayor Randall Stone is trying his damndest to control the tax paying citizens. Our downtown area should be kept open for ALL citizens. Closing downtown for outside dining would limit allowing our city to rebound economically after being sheltered in place for so long. People need to get back to work so that they can support their families.