Meeting Time: July 28, 2020 at 3:00pm PDT

Agenda Item

2.1. MAYOR SCHWAB'S REQUEST TO CONSIDER COVID 19 EMERGENCY RESOLUTIONS AND EXECUTIVE ORDERS All prior actions related to the COVID 19 pandemic will be discussed. The Council will also consider steps for moving forward.

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    Marybeth Wuerthner about 1 month ago

    Alex Brown's claim that "All evidence available says that the use of face coverings significantly reduces the spread of COVID-19" is patently false. It's disappointing the vice mayor did not research the many face mask studies available before being so eager to force draconian rules and impose fines on the people of Chico. These studies not only show evidence that masks do not prevent the spread of viruses but that they can be harmful to one's health as well. Face masks should be voluntary.

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    Lucas Bell about 1 month ago

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    Collette Bassett about 1 month ago

    Chico City Council needs to go. They can not be trusted with this issue or any other future issues. Their track record speaks for itself!

  • 10164099498215531
    Stanley Michael about 1 month ago

    Stop pretending like you actually give a 💩. Most of us who live here, own property, raise our children and pay the taxes are disgusted with your inability to ACTUALLY effect any real decisions that will help this town. Do us a favor and resign.

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    Dana McFarland about 1 month ago

    You have lost the trust of a huge number of Chico's citizens, moving forward with voting on very controversial issues for this town without our ability to be present only reinforces that lack of trust.

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    Lee Robert about 1 month ago

    This is a government by, of and for the people, not some clandestine little cabal running this city into the ground while you all get fat off yo ur constituents. Open the Chico City Council up to the city of Chico.

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    Taylor Skinner about 1 month ago

    I do not support the city council making any decisions regarding the city of Chico, enforcing of face masks etc. without the people present! Let us in and hear our voices!

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    Rob Berry about 1 month ago

    I am opposed to this meeting, you calling this meeting at this time, your vague and ambiguous agenda that gives no clue what you have in mind, your breaking of your own rules, your own votes. You are not trusted. You are held in contempt. You have not earned any benefit of the doubt, and the public is justified in assuming the worst form you. Your lack of respect for your citizens and constituents is blatant, deplorable, and harmful to the peace and welfare of Chico. Read the comments.

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    Kelliann Seitz about 1 month ago

    No policy decisions should be made without the opportunity for community attendance and input. The City Council is supposed to enact policies that represent the wishes of the community. How will you determine what changes an unheard community desires?

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    Peggy Jarolin about 1 month ago

    Brown says &quot;The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a massive toll on our community&#x27;s health and our economy&quot;. Thanks for seriously COMPOUNDING the massive toll on our community&#x27;s health and economy by continuing to allow irreparable harm to our waterways, public places, parks, and safety. The previous actions you have taken &quot;behind doors closed to the public&quot; have neither benefited the community&#x27;s health nor our economy. Open up council meetings.

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    Buster Cheri about 1 month ago

    From the agenda, "Any violation of the above prohibition may be punishable by a fine not to exceed $1,000 or imprisonment not to exceed six months, pursuant to the Chico 226684.5
    Municipal Code section 2.68.090 or Government Code section 8665."

    If Schwab is taking the power to throw people in jail don't you think the public ought to have the opportunity to be present at the council meeting?

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    Kimberly Hagstrom about 1 month ago

    I propose that the duly elected council members immediately open the city meetings back to the public so that we can assemble to uphold our constitutional rights and duties as citizens. Enough back door deals and hidden agendas, Chico city council is responsible to represent the citizens who elected them, and only this. If you find you are unable to uphold this council position with integrity, Recall is another option. For ALL if need be. Re-open doors to city meetings so we can participate.

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    Shawn Bentley about 1 month ago

    Please DO NOT MAKE ANY DECISIONS without the opportunity for your constituency to be present. You were elected to be the voice of the people in your districts, NOT YOUR OWN PERSONAL VOICE & VIEWPOINT!!!! Get a clue as to what is going on around you and govern according to the people's will. Your recent decisions have went against the popular opinion of your community! Please reflect and recommit to appropriate representation of your constituency! Cancel meetings until WE, THE PEOPLE can attend!

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    Christine Williams about 1 month ago

    The city council voted NOT to discuss any non essential business until the public can attend meetings. That is because the council needs the input of the people that put them in office. Stand by your initial declaration and do not discuss anything that isn’t absolutely and immediately necessary.

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    Paula Brackett about 1 month ago

    Stop the non-esstential meetings under the guise of another covid 19 emergency. Stop having emergency meeting in the middle of the afternoon when your tax paying constituents are at work and are unable to attend. I oppose Brown's latest "emergency" proposal. It is unenforceable. If you need to enforce something, how about moving all tents away from our waterways. This is already in the regulations, you as our representatives, have the power to enforce already existing laws. Please do so.

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    Ed Holohan about 1 month ago

    Council: Please READ all the comments posted here. So far, ALL the comments are concerned about you not taking any actions until the public can be involved. PLEASE comply with that.

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    Lisa Moore about 1 month ago

    WE THE PEOPLE are the reason you are in your position. It is crazy to think that elected officials decide to take it upon themselves to do what they think is right without hearing the voices of those who put them in that position. DO NOT take action on any non-essential items without hearing from WE THE PEOPLE.

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    roger braddy about 1 month ago

    by removing the publics ability to participate in a dialog it creates a condition of silence means consent, i do not consent, another viewpoint is taxation without representation, however one looks at it , it is wrong. the council needs to learn the difference between right and wrong.

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    Christopher Fowler about 1 month ago

    One, it's the Wuhan Flu. Two, it's literally nothing to be worried about - unless you're elderly, sick, have comorbidities or are predisposed to having cytokine storms through your immune system overreacting, chances are you won't even notice you have it. Three, it's bad enough that the City of Chico doesn't get to vote on who will be their mayor, at least let the people have a say before these oligarchs bend us over a barrel for their collective amusement.

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    Steve Simpson about 1 month ago

    Yet another non-essential meeting. The left is using COVID-19 to control businesses and distracting from the real issues that affect our city, crime, catering to transients and not supporting public safety. If you really care about stopping the coronavirus focus on the elderly population and care facilities. Do not limit access to local businesses or require people to wear masks.