Meeting Time: July 28, 2020 at 3:00pm PDT

Agenda Item

2.1. MAYOR SCHWAB'S REQUEST TO CONSIDER COVID 19 EMERGENCY RESOLUTIONS AND EXECUTIVE ORDERS All prior actions related to the COVID 19 pandemic will be discussed. The Council will also consider steps for moving forward.

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    Linda Calbreath 16 days ago

    Other City Councils are using zoom. Please use today's meeting to discuss that option for the future. And all meetings should be held in the evening when more people including all Council members can attend (Via ZOOM) Why 300 PM?!
    I am in support of mask fines when appropriate but then the hiring freeze must end. We need more officers to enforce all of the laws.
    Please discuss alternative sites to allow Homeless camps. Our parks and Waterways are suffering.

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    Margaret Hicks 16 days ago

    Please, no more meetings without the public in attendance. It is especially annoying to add a meeting with little over 24 hours notice during the middle of most people’s work day.
    I sincerely hope that only truly essential business is discussed and no controversial items are included until the public is allowed back in.
    I’m still appalled that this council chose to allow camping in our beautiful parks and waterways!

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    Jody Taylor 16 days ago

    I understand it must be frustrating to listen to the gripes of citizens at council meetings. But does anyone on the council ever ask themselves WHY there are so many citizens with gripes in the first place? The simple answer: It’s because the majority of members of the council are out of step with the majority of members of the community! Time to re-think the council’s priorities.

    Like it or not, the public must be part of the discussion on these critical issues!

  • 1198231833858873
    Tina Peters 16 days ago

    The city council voted not to discuss any non essential business until the public can attend meetings, yet continues to do so. This has gone on long enough that the public is not allowed to address council. It's our right to do so. Have those wishing to speak called in and wear mask if desired. We want to be heard. Enough of the behind the door agendas.

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    Tarace Lea 16 days ago

    The city council voted NOT to discuss any non essential business until the public can attend meetings. Yet here is ANOTHER in a long line of meetings to do just that. Browns continuous proposals issued under the guise of this "emergency" have nothing to do with public safety/health, just her agenda. Enforcing a mask GUIDANCE with fines on our struggling community is disgusting, a violation of our rights and an overreach of what the council is intended for. Again our trust in this council is gone

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    Jules Brown 16 days ago

    Alex Brown states “commitment to public health”, “additional threats to public health”, and “robust public information campaign “. We want to know why the majority of you show zero concern for public health! You have not rescinded your new policy and removed all tents from waterways. Encampments are still in our parks and plaza. Garbage is everywhere. Hazardous Waste (dirty drug needles are everywhere. California State Fish and Game code 5652 specifically states no garbage or debris within 150’!

  • 10215785815820379
    Jesica Montgomery 16 days ago

    If this is to reaffirm that the public needs to be present to discuss “essential business”, great. If this is to sneak MORE NEW mandates/policies in without public comment then this is entirely unfair. I trust that the mayor will do the right thing and hold off on anything that isn’t absolutely and immediately necessary.

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    Betty Niepoth 16 days ago

    No decisions that are controversial sbould be voted on, or discussed, until citizens can be in attendance.

  • 3559030394112661
    Debora Jones 16 days ago

    DO NOT take action on any non-essential items until WE the public are allowed to be heard.
    WE need to be able to speak directly in person.
    WE have a VOICE and WE need to be heard!

  • Inbound6669546715051259690
    Kiersten Norris 16 days ago

    Absolutely nothing should be discussed that is non-essential until the general public is allowed back in. You all voted for that and now you are trying to reverse it to get your special interests pushed through without public input!

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    Joshua Smith 16 days ago

    Chico residents should be in attendance for all meetings.

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    Stephen Muser 16 days ago

    Mayor Schwab, the Council has stated that they will not discuss any controversial matters while the public is not allowed to attend Council meetings. If you allow Brown, Stone, Ory and Huber to maneuver around this policy you will destroy the last shred of belief that the citizens of Chico have in you. Police funding, the needle "exchange" and pot dispensaries fall under the category of "controversial "and SHOULD NOT BE DISCUSSED OR ACTED ON during tomorrow's "emergency" meeting.

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    Nichole Nava 16 days ago

    1. You should not revisit anything, except to say, 'Yes, the public will be heard at the next council meeting!"
    2. You should NOT make any non-essential decisions without the public present to weigh in!
    3. Alex Brown- You think you are the Law of the Land. So you froze police positions, yet now think LEOs have time to run around enforcing masks & you will impose fines on people OUT OF WORK? What about YOUR VIOLATION of our NO CAMPING LAWS? You need to be FINED & get the bill for litter removal!

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    John Kask 16 days ago

    Please don't consider any actions that are not essential city business until the public can attend meetings to speak directly on the issues.

  • 10222598817470181
    Mike Harper 16 days ago

    If the council would like to continue business as usual then the voters need to be able to voice their opinion in person as usual. Any action taken on regular city business must be in front of the people of the city with their voices heard in person.

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    karin willhoit 16 days ago

    Please don’t burden our law enforcement officers with a mask ordinance unless you are first willing to enforce this with every single person camping illegally in our park and in the city plaza. It does no good to have rule following citizens masked outside when criminal transients are allowed to roam free. Are you trying to drive us all crazy? I’m really starting to think so. If this can’t be a universal rule, forget about it.

  • 2660697350628810
    Gary Viertell 16 days ago

    Do NOT consider any actions that are not an emergency until the public can attend meetings to speak directly on the issues. The email system is very poor. We don’t even know if anybody reads them.

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    Julie Threet 16 days ago

    Please handle only 100% essential business. Long term new programs should wait. Controversial decisions test we are not living with today can wait. I truly hope you can ALL come together as ONE and make us ALL proud to live in Chico. Together. Put aside your vast differences for once!

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    Kimberly Burke 16 days ago

    This is a travesty! Yet one more sneaky move on the councils part to pass special agenda projects without their constituents there to weigh in on said items in person. This is NOT how people who were elected to their seats should be treating the citizens who put them where they are. All nonessential business should be held off until the citizens are able to attend council meetings. Shame on you all!

  • 10157534953595872
    Rebecca Smith 16 days ago

    Absolutely nothing should be discussed that is non-essential until the general public is allowed back in. You voted for this. Going against this creates distrust. This is not right.