My hope is that our community can group likely neighborhoods or parts of neighborhoods together by logical and meaningful communities of interest. It would be nice to see some of the Council members take more of a focus in addressing specific District interests at the council meetings, otherwise what is even the point of District representation? Hopefully this map effort will be civil and fruitful.

Kerry Quevedo almost 3 years ago

I agree with Ann that "the jewel of Chico", Bidwell Park, needs to be protected from people camping. I disagree with her suggestions on where to allow the homeless to camp. Cedar Grove and Five Mile are part of lower Bidwell Park and are unacceptable options for homeless camping. Literally thousands of people use or travel through those areas daily. With large gatherings of homeless using the bathrooms, using drugs and leaving the paraphernalia, it will be a matter of days before the "the jewel of Chico" will be destroyed. Just yesterday I had to call the police because campers had blocked the path in the "cork forest" (adjacient to Parkview School's fence). Any part of Bidwell Park is an unacceptable choice for any homeless camps.

Homeless camps need to be away from waterways and should have at least one shower/bathroom trailer so people can clean themselves somewhere besides our creeks and rivers. I suggest developing a homeless camp at Comanche Creek park at the end of Park Ave and E. Park Ave. It is close to the old and new Jesus Center and the Torres Shelter and in an industrial area (rather than near the "jewel of Chico").

Additionally, we have to do better getting the mentally disabled homeless off the streets and in shelters.

Respectfully, Kerry Quevedo